What to Say to Your Friend at Their Wedding


Is your best friend’s wedding just a few days away? Are you wondering what to say to your friend at their wedding? It would really be great to use this opportunity to express your love and feelings for her on this special day. No other gift will be as special to her as knowing how much you care for her.

What You Would Say at The Wedding to Your Friend

Express Your Feelings

Make sure you get to her place or wherever you are meeting early, if possible, a day in advance. Tell her things like, “You are the one person I have always leaned on in times of distress. The very thought that you are there for me brings a smile to my face. You are such a beautiful person, so God must have planned an amazing life for you. You and your husband will live happily ever after.”

Give your best wishes

You can give your wishes to your best friend both in person and via text messages (if you are not lucky enough to be by her side during this auspicious occasion). These words from you will surely make her feel blissful.


“I hope your married life will be made of the right ingredients: understanding, romance, passion, humor, trust, faith and, last but not the least, timeless love.”

You can also give your wishes to the couple.

“You two look amazing together and I wish your journey post-marriage to be equally amazing. May your married life be like a stunning night sky filled with shining stars of joy, love, and trust!”

A simple and short text message will also make her extremely happy.

“I wish you a great life ahead, for the greatest person I know. Have a blast!”

Give good advices

You’ll probably be the happiest person on Earth on the day of your best friend’s wedding. However, there might be some negative thoughts crossing your mind. Don’t feel guilty; these thoughts are occurring because you love and care for her so much.

You may think that the person she is marrying is only interested in her good looks or wealth. You might even start suspecting that he has another girlfriend somewhere else! You may also feel a bit insecure, assuming that he is going to snatch the most important person in your life from you. Are you worried about what you might say to your friend at the wedding or what you should say? It would be wise to avoid sharing these negative thoughts with her on this special day. You can, however, offer her a few pieces of advice. Examples include:

  • Ask her to stay in touch with all her friends.

  • Tell her to not hesitate to contact you or other close friends and relatives if she is in any kind of trouble.

  • Tell her that she should have complete faith in her husband, but should not practice “blind love”.

Use wedding quotes

You can use the following wedding quotes to make your friend’s wedding day even more special for her.

“For their marriage to last forever, a man and a woman must be truly in love with each other, and that’s the reason why I am confident that you two will be together forever.”

“The man you are getting married to will do everything to make you the happiest woman on this planet. Wish both of you a happy and content married life.”

Ways to Express Your Feelings to Her on Her Big Day

Write a letter

Writing a letter is the best option for individuals who are not sure about what to say to their friend at their wedding. If the letter is a bit too emotional, request her to read it at a later time. As it’s a letter, you will find expressing your feelings a bit easier. Tell her that you are both happy and sad. You are happy as your best friend has the best life partner one could hope for. You are sad because you are afraid that the bond you share won’t be the same any more. Don’t forget to write about the good times. Also, mention the bad times you recovered from with each other’s help. Your letter should make her feel that you are proud of the friendship and are extremely happy for her.

Give a toast

You can also prepare a speech and give the couple a toast on their wedding day. The speech should highlight the bond you share with the bride and how you feel about her husband. You might not yet be very fond of the man in your best friend’s life, but don’t allow this to be conveyed in your speech.

Write a poem

If you have some creative prowess, try writing a poem summarizing your feelings and advice for her. Read it out before giving a toast.

Sing a song

If you are still not sure what to say at your friend’s wedding, dedicate a suitable song to her. If possible, sing it to her yourself. You don’t need to prove yourself to be the best singer, average singing is fine. What would matter most are your emotions for her. An ideal song for this situation would be Dusty Springfield’s “Wishin' And Hopin'”.

Give a gift

It’s your best friend’s wedding, so, you can surely buy the most expensive and precious gift for her, right? However, the best gift for her would be your effort. Gifts like a framed collage of your childhood photographs, or a collection of scrapbooks you two created together would make her much happier.