What to Throw at Weddings Instead of Rice


It’s an old tradition to throw rice at a wedding, which symbolizes good luck and well wishes for the couple. But, some venues don’t let you throw rice anymore because it’s very messy and there are reports that it actually harms birds that eat it. If your venue does not allow it, check out these fun ideas for what to throw at your weddings instead of rice.

What to Throw At Weddings Instead of Rice


Bird Seed

This is a great and eco-friendly alternative. If you want to do something nice for the earth on your big day, bird seed is an awesome way to go.


Natural Confetti

If you want something that falls slowly for amazing photos but don’t want to litter your venue, biodegradable confetti is the option for you.


Sequin Wands

This is a unique and beautiful way to walk down the aisle. Wands strung with sequins will look gorgeous as your guests wave you out of the church.


Paper Planes

If you’re looking for what to throw at weddings instead of rice, paper planes are a cute alternative. Guests will have so much fun throwing the planes in the air.


Leaves or Flower Petals

Another natural alternative to rice is leaves or flower petals. Leaves would be gorgeous for a fall wedding and flower petals would be fantastic for a spring or summer wedding.



For a colorful sendoff, have guests throw sprinkles as you walk up the aisle. Sprinkles are available in an array of colors so you are certain to find some that match your colors.



Herbs like lavender or rosemary make an aromatic experience as you come up the aisle or out of the church. Have paper cones of the herbs prepared for guests to throw.


Pom Poms

If you’re looking for something fun and offbeat to throw, why not have guests toss pom poms as you leave the church. They’re soft so there’s no worrying about the walk being a painful one.


Glow Sticks

What to throw at weddings instead of rice? Well, it doesn't have to be traditional. Glow sticks are a fun and crazy option for an evening wedding.



Why not go for wish lanterns? They will look absolutely gorgeous for an evening wedding as they carry a candle to fly.



For a truly glam sendoff, have guests throw glitter as you walk by. It will photograph well and look truly magical.



Have guests release balloons for a fun and fabulous sendoff. Who doesn’t love balloons? Plus they’re super easy to coordinate color.


Party Poppers

For a real celebration, have guests pop party poppers as you walk by. Nothing says party like poppers do.


Fake Snow

Great for winter weddings, fake snow will look festive and gorgeous as you walk down the aisle. Hand out little bags before the wedding for a true winter wonderland.



Another great option for evening weddings, sparklers look great on camera and who doesn't love playing with sparklers?



Bring out kids in your guests and have them blow bubbles as you walk by. This is a super adorable and mess free option.



For a natural and magical sendoff, have guests open boxes containing live butterflies. It will be a moment to remember for you and your guests.



Ringing cowbells as you walk down the aisle in the perfect end to a country wedding is also one great alternative.



Perfect for a windy day, streamers in your wedding colors are the perfect way to walk down the aisle. They will wave beautifully and look great in photos.



Don’t know what to throw at weddings instead of rice? How about having guests wave custom flags as you walk down the aisle. They’re super cute and photograph well.