Smart Recommendations on What to Wear to a Bridal Appointment


The love of your dreams has finally proposed and with a lovely ring on your finger, you aim to enter into the exciting process of wedding planning. You take some piece of advice from your cousins and friends who have already gone through this phase of their lives. You book an appointment to one of the best bridal stores in town. But you are still unsure about what to wear to your bridal appointment? There’s no need to worry girls, we are here to guide you in every possible way and for your imagery, also include some spicy bit of narratives.

Follow this protocol and get ready for a beautiful, unforgettable experience!

What to Wear to a Bridal Appointment

Definitely Proper Intimates

As you might be trying on a lot of dresses and your consultant will be helping you in and out of them, wearing appropriate underclothing is a must ( after all, you don’t want your maid of honor or your stylist to see you naked). One or more bras may be available in the dressing room, but there’s a possibility they might not fit. We advise wearing skin colored panties and a perfectly sized, uplifting strapless bra to ensure smooth fitting of the wedding gown.

It is highly recommended that you get your measurements taken beforehand and wear a right-sized bra for the dress to neatly sit on your body. You don’t want creases or wrinkles to appear over the dress if the cup size is lower than your actual size. Also don’t wear too tight bras, as you don’t want to end up feeling uncomfortable.

Consider a Spanx/Girdle/Bustier

A spanx or body shaper provides a sort of foundational support, and you can easily try on different gowns over it. Apart from that, shave or wax your under-arms and legs one day before the appointment. And also don’t forget to keep a deodorant in your purse.

You Can Take Accessories with You

  • Take some heels with you as you might definitely be wearing one on your big day. It would give you an idea how it would look with your dress. However, there’s no need to wear those funky socks.

  • Hair clip is also a must; it might get hot in there. Also, if you want to tie back your hair gently on the wedding day, come prepared with the style as this will give you an idea if it goes with the dress you choose.

  • Also bring any special bridal accessory that you have bought before for the occasion like a veil, tiara, jewelry, or headpiece and see how you look overall. You can even fake walking down the aisle, fully dressed up, to create that magical feeling.

A Light Makeup is Great

With a white gown on, your gloss may look pale or the dark circles beneath your eyes would become more obvious. Consider all this, but don’t ever go with an extravagant lush colored lipstick or a white foundation cream. Keep makeup to a minimum, as it ruins the dresses as you change. Also, it gets pretty hot during the wear-in and wear-out session. You don’t want to get embarrassed when the bridal expert asks you to go wash your face.

Here is what others have experienced or suggested about what to wear to a bridal appointment:

“Also, don't wear lace underwear. I didn't foresee it and some of the dresses I tried on got hooked on my underwear.”

“Something that slips on easily would be a better choice than a button up, less inconvenience getting in and out.”

“I have read about a lot of girls who just go braless if they plan to wear it braless. I wore a strapless.”

Do’s and Don’ts for Wedding Dress Appointments

Besides knowing what to wear to a bridal appointment, a few more notes should be born in mind to avoid awkwardness:

Select According to Your Budget

Make sure to select and try the wedding dresses according to your budget, and keep in mind that any accessories you buy also add up to the total cost.


Keep an Open Mind!

Bridal gown shopping is an art and with proper precautions and an embracing mind, you can make this time of your life pleasantly memorable (while avoiding any embarrassing event at the same time!) Catalina Maddox-Wagers, the renowned wedding dress shopping expert and David's Bridal Fashion Director strongly believes an open-mind is the most essential element needed while you shop for your wedding dress.

It has been frequently observed that a number of brides-to-be are not sure what type of dress suits their body shape and size the best. It is ideally recommended to try a few different styles and narrow down your choices to make decision process easy.


Don’t Ignore the Suggestion of Experts

Your bridal consultant undoubtedly has more experience in terms of latest trends and style of gown for different body shapes and sizes. It is very important to be considerate of the expert’s advice and suggestions while making key decisions regarding your bridal wear.


Don’t Rush Your Appointments

It is very important to allocate decent amount of time at each boutique in order to find, try out and narrow down your choices. Making too many or too short appointments (such as less than an hour) is a recipe for disaster.


No Matter How Much They Insist, Keep off the Crowd

Bringing a congregation of people to your bridal appointment is a big no-no. Choose two of your trustworthy buddies, either from family or friends and ditch the rest. You don’t want to spoil the day by listening to every awkward suggestion and regret later on.


Analyze and Research Before Making the Bridal Appointment

Prepare yourself for the day. Go to the internet and look for what kind of designs you like the best. Analyze your figure and choose accordingly. You would come across dresses by many fashion designers. Take notes on which ones suit you better. If you intend on dieting and cutting up some weight before your wedding, this is not going to change your body shape, so don’t panic.


Eleventh Hour Visit, Not a Good Option!

Always make an appointment with your bridal shop beforehand. You sure don’t want to just walk in unscheduled and end up feeling unwanted and perplexed on this exciting day. Also remember to tell the lady about your preferences on phone, so that she can make them available especially for you on your visit.


Better Not a Weekend!

Take some time off you work routine, and try to do a session on the day when there will be least turnout in the shops. A Wednesday or Thursday morning will guarantee you all the time and attention you want from your stylist.


Bring Something to Eat

Having something to eat (something as small as a pack of cookies or nuts) can be a life savior; especially during stressful times such as wedding shopping. Here is personal insight shared by a bride on her wedding dress shopping.

“I brought a water bottle and snacks. I was so nervous that my blood sugar was all over the place. If my mom didn't have apple slices and string cheese in her purse I would have passed out.

Now, enough of the advice of what to wear to a bridal appointment and what tips to bear in mind! It’s time to act, girls. Go and have fun!