What to Wear to a Wedding Abroad – An Easy to Follow Guideline


Whether you decided to get married in a luxurious and exotic location outside of the country or whether you are a member of the wedding party or a guest about to attend a wedding abroad, figuring out what to wear can be a little challenging. Picking the right dress when attending a ceremony is no easy task in itself, let alone when you take into account a different climate, unknown roads, and a mysterious location. We narrowed it down to a simple guideline on what to wear to a wedding abroad, meant to help you pick the best outfit for the occasion.

What to Wear to a Wedding Abroad – An Easy to Follow Guideline


Think About the Weather

The first thing you need to consider when attending a wedding abroad is the weather in that specific part of the world. But let’s start from the beginning: 

  • Firstly, you need to be aware of the season that you’re about to experience after landing – will it be winter on that side of the globe or will you arrive in the middle of the hottest season? 

  • Secondly, when it comes to weather, humidity plays a very significant role. In case your destination is known for its high humidity on top of hot weather, then forgo any dresses that look and feel too heavy and avoid too-tight shapes, corsets and sturdy fabrics such as taffeta. 

  • When you are dealing with hot temperatures (and chances are, you will, as most destination weddings are held on exotic beaches with golden sands and turquoise waters), then avoid any artificial fabrics and opt for more organic garments, made of textiles such as silk, crepe, organza or chiffon – all excellent options as they do not require a lot of place in the luggage, and they all have an effortless-like quality perfect for a wedding abroad. 

  • When you are dealing with very low temperatures, make sure to pack a chic coverup – a cape, a stylish blazer, a cozy knit cardigan or a cropped faux fur all make great choices.


Think About the Details

When you are wondering ‘what to wear to a wedding abroad’, there are a few questions you might want to answer: 

  • Are you getting married on top of a hill, in a place known to be windy and warm? Then play it up by opting for a flowy dress with great movement – not only will you look spectacular as your dress romantically blows in the mind, but your photos will look stunning. 

  • Are you getting married or attending a wedding on a silky sand beach? Then dress for the occasion with the help of a few subtle accessories, such as pearls and natural colors ranging from aqua blue to beige and taupe.


Think About Your Shoes

As most of us know, shoes are highly important when you need to be up on your feet for 8+ hours in one very full day, when you have to be constantly either on the move or showing off your skills on the dance floor. And when you have to consider dressing up for a wedding abroad on top of that, the challenge of shopping for the right shoes gets even more demanding. 

  • Another aspect to consider when figuring out what to wear to a wedding abroad: the surfaces you will be walking on: is the destination reachable by car, or will you have to walk up 1000 stairs? Will there be cobblestone, sand or maybe stones? Answer these questions before you go shopping for the right pair.

  • If you are about to attend a beach wedding, then heels are not a must - what a relief! Opt for wedges instead or kitten heels if you like the look, but sparkly ballet flats and sandals are another great options. 

  • Remember that hot temperatures can make your feet swell up, so have an extra pair of comfortable shoes in your bag just in case. 


Think About the Fabrics

Another aspect that you should take into consideration when shopping or packing for your wedding abroad is the fact that many fabrics wrinkle considerably and, therefore, they are not considered luggage-friendly. In most cases, you will need to think about opting for a suit carrier, especially if the fabric of your garment is delicate, on top of not being immune to wrinkling. There are a few fabrics that are wrinkle resistant out there, however, most are not suitable for a wedding: lace,nylon, Lycra, denim, tulle, polyester and certain types of cotton.


Think About Local Particularities

In certain parts of the world, you might need to opt for more conservative outfits than you would in your own city. For instance, destination weddings in Dubai certainly have a more covered up dress code than the ones held in Palm Springs. Even in some European locations, such as Spain or Italy, some churches require women to cover their shoulders, as well as their thighs – so make sure you are aware of all these sensibilities before saying YES to that super short sequin dress or that dreamy strapless gown and remember that the answer to what to wear to a wedding abroad, which highly depends on the exact location, weather and local customs.