The Ultimate Guide on How to Dress to Wedding Receptions – Men’s Edition


There are thousands of fashion guides on how women should dress for weddings – even though it’s possible for males to have a world of questions about what to wear for such an important ceremony! If you’re a guy trying to figure out how to dress to wedding receptions, this is the ultimate guide for you. From dress codes to seasons, themes, we provide a comprehensive guide on what to wear during such events.

Know the Wedding Dress Code – Men’s Attire

When considering how to dress to wedding receptions, men should try the outfits below.

White Tie

White tie is the code for full formal evening dress. This signifies that men should be in a tailcoat, white shirt with a wing collar, waistcoat, patent leather shoes, and a white bow tie. This is a strict outfit that will make you feel like an English gentleman in the Buckingham Palace. The white tie attire checklist must not be less than listed above – it is truly elegant but even more strict!

Black Tie

Black tie is the code for tuxedo. You can just imagine what James Bond would wear as his most dashing in the movie’s elaborate party scenes. Evening wear at its finest, you need to invest in a dashing tuxedo, a shirt with a turned down collar, and a black bow tie. Do not make the mistake of wearing a black neck tie – respect the dress code and do a bow tie.

Formal or Black Tie Optional

Formal or black tie optional is a code that welcomes a larger spectrum of dress formality. To look more elegant and formal, wear a suit and a black tie. Dinner jacket, trousers, shirt, leather shoes and a neck tie are your standard here. When it comes to how to dress to wedding receptions, men would be less clueless here.


Semiformal is a code that is even more open; do not be overdressed in bow ties. This includes a simple suit, or at least a sport jacket and formal trousers. You can go very colorful, but keep it light for the daytime and dark for the evening events. Wear a tie if you can to be as dashing as possible.


Casual is the code that might make you think it’s okay to hang loose, but hang on a second. This means that you can wear separates to the event. Business casual might be a good way to visualize this attire. A tie is not needed. Well-fitting shirts and pants are still a necessity, as well as leather shoes or loafers. Denim remains a no-no.

Dress for the Season – Men’s Attire

Spring Weddings

Spring weddings are evocative of the fresh flowers, bright sun, and enduring love that the wedding hopes to symbolize for your dear couple. It will definitely be a beautiful, blooming affair, so take advantage of the season to go for lighter colors and fabrics. Bright colors and cheeky prints are perfectly played down with a dashing suit. This is a season that welcomes color and creativity so you can have fun.

Summer Weddings

Summer weddings can be tricky, because you want to remain on-point while still letting yourself breathe. In the event of an outdoor wedding, break out your favorite lightweight fabrics and looser garments. Be kind to yourself while still being handsome – so respectfully bring that coat, it’ll be acceptable to take it off once the sun becomes too hot.

Fall Weddings

Fall weddings bring to mind the idea of being prepared for unexpected rains and humid weather. It also calls for darker colors, which is also in an effort to respect the desired color palette of the to-be-wed pair. Try for unexpected pops of color instead to show your fun side. Also try wool blend suits and greys and midnight blues if you’re looking for a different spin.

Winter Weddings

Winter weddings can call for a preparation for a cold evening out, but also more festive outfits in line with the holidays. Keep warm by choosing heavier fabrics and layering intelligently and stylishly. Dark colors are extremely fashionable and slimming for those holiday pounds. Well-fitted suits can fit light sweaters under them without looking bulky, which is good if you tend to get chilly.

Dress for the Themed Wedding – Men’s Attire

Vintage Weddings

Vintage weddings are one of the most fun and memorable themes. Maintain the whimsy by wearing suspenders and a quirky tie. Dreamy pinks, light blues, and deep greens are good choices for pops of color to blend in with the adorable old-time looks. Stick to black, grey, and navy suits to maintain blending in the theme, but accessories make the man here.

Rustic Weddings

Rustic weddings are adorable in theme, but don’t get carried away and start piling on plaid and denim. Tan or brown suits are excellent and stylish against the homey, natural décor of the wedding. Smart checkered prints can apply to your shirts or tie. A freshly picked boutonniere will finish off your look.

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are a dream with all that sea, sand, and surf – but can turn into a nightmare for the very same reasons! Beach-proof your attire by wearing cotton and seersucker suits in light colors like cream, tan, gray or powder blue. A light fitted waistcoat would ground the formality of your outfit when you remove the jacket.

Holiday Weddings

Holiday weddings are a treat to dress if you are not sure how to dress to wedding receptions – men can now accessorize too! The decors might not have come down yet so claim your spot. Keep in tune by choosing slimming dark colors with great pops of color and bling on your shirt, ties, shoes, cufflinks, pocket squares, and other accessories.


Coordinate with your date. How to dress to wedding receptions for men is easy if you can collaborate ideas with your date. It’d be super cute if you and your partner come in complementary colors or use a similar accessory – another celebration of love!

Wear a suit. Separates, unless in a casual setting, just don’t cut it. Adhere to this investment and make it fit your body to make yourself stand out but still blend in to make way for the beautiful couple.

Choose the right tie. Your tie can potentially make or break your outfit. Get smart and study the available patterns and colors well to be able to pick the right one. If all else fail, parade your choices and bring extras on the special day.