How to Dress to Rehearsal Dinners


The day before your big day is the one, when the couple-to-be, wedding party, the officiant, close family members are supposed to get together at some pre-planned venue, to rehearse for the wedding day. The wedding rehearsal is immediately followed by the wedding rehearsal dinner. Here arises the most challenging question, how to dress to rehearsal dinners? Let us make it convenient for you to decide with our all-inclusive guide.

Bride’s Attire to the Rehearsal Dinner

Let the Venue Decide!

No matter where the rehearsal dinner is going to be held, a bride should look special among all, and flattering from every angle. Before jumping on any decision, a bride should ask herself a few basic questions: What’s the nature of venue? Number of guests? Is it a simple get-together of the wedding party? Or an event with outnumbered guests, like something on a larger scale? Answer to all these queries would help the bride finalize her dress. Try some flouncy cocktail dress for the rehearsal at some country club. For BBQ in backyard, a stylish Capri pants would look impressive.

Be Color Conscious!

It’s important for a bride to research deeply before deciding how to dress to rehearsal dinners. Because as a bride, you have to look different on rehearsal dinner. And colors could play a major role in that. 

  • First of all, bridal colors like white, ivory or off-white should best not be considered for a rehearsal dinner (be opposite to the wedding day look) unless that's the only color you look good in. 

  • Black cocktail dress is ok but not the best option. Grey is also a good choice.

  • Shades of pastels, pinks (soft to fiestas), green (sage to mints), etc. look appealing.

  • Neutral colors are also good. Overall a colorful stunning look, is what we recommend.

Show Up in a Different Avatar!

Opt for a totally different look for the rehearsal dinner, from the one you have planned for the wedding. If your bridal dress is stitched in traditional style like long sleeves, high neckline etc., get a stylish and sassy look for rehearsal dinner with some glamorous dress. Preferably a more revealing one, like off the shoulder, backless or one with a short length. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Try a sheath or shift dress, accented with a skinny-fit sweater to put on the shoulders and pair it with whatever you like

  • Long flouncy soft skirt paired with a twinset or a stylish slim-fit sweater

  • An attire in tank style

  • Skirt in taffeta style 

  • Open toed or strappy shoes are best in summer and in the beginning of winter.

Note: lengths could be your own choice

Accessorize Delicately!

Delicate diamond jewelry looks stunning on a bride-to-be. You do not have it? Borrow it from your mom. Or buy the fake ones. Illusion jewelry can also add the spark. Small-sized, smart handbag with short straps is the standard of perfection now-a-days. Wear makeup accordingly to get your perfect style.

A Few Rehearsal Dinner Tips for the Bride!

  • Your rehearsal dinner dress can accompany you on your honeymoon too, only if it is dry cleaned after rehearsal dinner.

  • The answer to how to dress to rehearsal dinners is that, you should be both comfy and stylish. Buy it earlier so that it can be sent for the necessary alterations (if required).

  • Make sure the dress you are going to buy is the one you have always desired for. If it makes you feel good, it would surely look good.

Groom’s Attire to the Rehearsal Dinner

​Groom can wear something already in the closet or even if he plans to have something new, he should always look for the second opinions, whether from his wife-to-be or from the sales person in the store. As they can guide in a more professional way about suiting up for the rehearsal dinner and other such occasions.

Traditionally, parents of groom are the ones responsible for organizing the rehearsal dinner. It would be best for groom to consult his parents about the venue, environment ,etc. and then make selection. His attire should be in coordination with the bride's.

Formal or Informal?

For a formal dinner, suit with a tie (freshly hued) and accessories like cufflinks would be a great choice. A brightly colored well-fitted blazer with a comparatively decent cotton trouser and white shirt would look great. Tie can be skipped for a less formal occasion. Simple shirt with a well-stitched dress pants can be another alternative. Lastly, jeans or chinos with cotton shirt (simple or with playful pattern), are also acceptable, if the event is super casual like a barbecue party or family event at home.

Tip for the Groom

Avoid going with a just-cut look in the rehearsal. We recommend you should opt for a haircut one or two weeks prior to the rehearsal dinner, as hair will take some time to get settled properly.

Guests’ Attires Guide for Wedding Rehearsal

How to dress to rehearsal dinners? Guests are equally occupied with the question. There are certain points to keep in mind before finalizing your rehearsal attire. Or else you might feel like some alien in the rehearsal.

  • Rehearsal dinner is a comparatively less formal event. Do not confuse it with the lavished event like wedding. The decision of rehearsal dinner attire for everyone, largely depends on the venue.

  • We would recommend you to invest in a wear-anywhere kind of dress.

  • Avoid too heavy dress. Black colored dress  should also be worn carefully and do use appropriate accessories to brighten your look up.

  • The dress for wedding rehearsal dinner would be considered the reflection of your personal style.

  • If it’s a church, avoid flirty and sexy dresses (for females).

  • A BBQ party at the backyard? Stick to simplicity and comfort.

  • Rehearsal dinner at some upscale restaurant? look for easy-to-maintain yet flattering dresses.

  • In some cases, there is a dress code for rehearsal dinner too. If so, surely you have to follow that.