What to Wear to Wedding Dress Appointment


Prior to rallying up your troops to head out to the bridal shops, you'll want to have an idea of what you will be looking for. You'll want to have an ideal shape and style of your dress, and then prepare some necessities to bring with you which can be highly beneficial through the entire process.

What to Wear to Wedding Dress Appointment

The proper under attire

Your bridal dress consultant will be the one in there helping you into the dresses since they can be quick complex with all the layers and fastening features. They are strangers, right? So just prepare your undergarments. Nude boy shorts and a strapless nude bra is the best option. Leggings or tights can also be worn if you are a little on the shy side, though, most often you will want to try the dress on without a bra since most gowns will have built in support.

Something to pull your hair back with

Having your hair up in a loose bun will make it easier for the consultant to clip the dress to your dimensions as well as keeping it out of the way as you switch from one dress to the next. Having a hair tie will also allow you to have a clearer idea of how each of the dresses necklines looks.

The right shoes

Shoes are often a must for what to wear to wedding dress appointment. While many bridal shops will have shoes for you to use, you want to have a pair that is close to the height that you will be wearing with the dress on your wedding day. Having a pair of your own that is more comfortable will be a huge relief as well since you will be on your feet for most of the time.

Your something borrowed

Any jewelry or special items you plan on wearing with the dress on your wedding day are items you will want to bring with you when looking at wedding dresses.

Wear clothes that are comfortable

You will be taking your clothes on and off frequently when you are dress shopping, so it is best to wear an outfit that is comfortable and easy to take on and off.

More Tips for Preparing Wedding Dress Appointment

Now that you know the basics of what you should have with you for your appointment, there are some additional things you will want to do to ensure you find your dream dress.

Call for an appointment

Calling to schedule an appointment will make the whole process much easier. A bridal consultant who will be the one to help you find your perfect dress will be provided for you.

Have a budget in mind

What to wear to wedding dress appointment is not that important comparing to this point! Having a budget already in mind will allow the consultant to find the right dress in your given budget and reduce the risk of you falling for a dress way out of your price range.

Know the style you prefer

Bring along a few images of some dresses you have found online as this will help save you time and energy when you are out shopping. Have a style in mind, but be open to alternate styles as well, since there will be plenty of beautiful options to choose from.

Go natural

You will want to refrain from putting on foundation, lipstick, and mascara since these can often leave stains on the dresses. Going all natural to your appointment will also help you find the right shade and fabric to match your true skin tones.

Don't forget the camera and a friend

Bringing along your maid of honor and mother can be a huge help when choosing the right dress. They can give you their honest opinions and advice about the many dresses you will be trying on. They can also be in charge of taking photographs of each dress you try, so you can better remember each gown. What to wear to wedding dress appointment is ultimately up to you just as making the final decision on the dress you choose, so here is a smart tip: keeping your entourage smaller will result in less confusion and opinions that could sway your decision.