What to Wear When Trying on Wedding Dress


When going for a bridal appointment, you probably already know what type of wedding dress you want to wear for your big day. If you haven’t, don’t sweat because the bridal consultant and your bridal party can help you decide and choose the most perfect one for you. But wait a minute, what to wear when trying on wedding dress? You don’t want any discomfort or embarrassment on the special occasion. Read on and be prepared!

What to Wear When Trying on Wedding Dress

Appropriate undergarments always come first, which may include an uplifting strapless nude bra and skin colored panties, or nude boy shorts. All these should fit your body perfectly (never too tight or loose) to help get the most accurate size for your wedding dress. 

Tights and leggings are optional and if you plan to try something tight around the lower body, it’s better to bring these.

A girdle, spanx or bustier can also to be considered if you want more support to try on the gowns more easily.


  • Try not to wear lace underwear because your dress might get hooked on it.

  • Choose slip-on rather than a button-up to reduce inconvenience when getting in and out.

More Things to Wear/ Take

  • Other than the intimates, you should also wear a comfortable outfit which is easy to put on and take off so that there's less trouble when trying on a new dress.

  • Wear light makeup to cover dark circles and freshen up your look, but do not overdo it and avoid lush colored lipsticks or too much foundation cream, all of which can stain the wedding dress.

  • Bring bridal accessories which you want to wear on your big day, like headpiece, tiara, veil, jewelry, to get a more bridal look. When fully dressed up, you can even practice walking a few steps to imagine yourself walking down the aisle.

  • What to wear when trying on wedding dress? Never forget the shoes! Wear heels of similar height with what you are going to wear on the big day to create a more complete look and just to see if it feels right.

  • Take a hair clip or hair tie to pull back your hair to avoid the hair getting stuck or ruining your mood, especially when things get hectic trying one dress after another.


  • Take some snacks such as nuts and cookies in case you get hungry and also to relieve stress when you can’t seem to find the right one. A bottle of water can also come in handy.

  • Limit your shopping gang to no more than 3. Maybe your best friend, your mom or mother-in-law. Just pick someone you would be comfortable shopping with and those who can offer valuable advice.

3 Most Important Tips for a Successful Bridal Dress Appointment

What to wear when trying on wedding dress? We’ve already covered that and here are more things you should know about bridal appointment.

Start Early!

You need 6-10 months to get your gown in advance, especially if you are a picky shopper. So get started early! Avoid busy times like crazy Saturday afternoons and take a half a day off to avoid the crowd, say Wednesday morning.


Research in Advance and Work with the Consultant

Browse through bridal shop websites and magazines to get an idea of your preferred shape, style and overall attitude of the dress and bring the photos to your bridal appointment so that the consultant can make some informed recommendations. Think about how you like your dress to feel, is it contemporary, beachy, or romantic?


Keep an Open Mind

Listen to suggestions of others and try to step outside your comfort zone. A simple truth: a dress may look like paper bag on the hanger, but turn out to be drop-dead gorgeous on you. Your mission is to find the perfect dress that says “YOU” and don’t let any anything to stop you find “The One”.