What to Write in a Wedding Card


Wedding cards! They come in all shapes and sizes, so pretty and colorful, with all sorts of decorations. It’s only after you’re done shopping around for the perfect card that you realize that getting the card was the easy part. What should you write in it? You’ve probably been here plenty of times. The good news is: there are no hard-and-fast rules for what to write in a wedding card. The key is to have a heartfelt message and to wish the couple a great marriage. As for the exact wording, here are some tips.

Part 1:What’s your relationship with the couple?

Before you write down a single word, you need to establish the kind of relationship you have with the couple. Are one or both of them college buddies? Is the bride or groom your favorite cousin? Or are they a workmate? Whatever the case, you need to get the message right. Ideally, the message should be sweet and sentimental and tailored to the couple. The easiest way out is to use verses, poems, and quotations. Check out part 3 below for sample messages you can use.

Part 2: What to write in a wedding card?

A wedding card has many components. To send the intended message to the couple, you have to include all of these components. The structure of a wedding card includes a message of gratitude for being invited, followed (where relevant) by a welcome to the family message. After this, ensure you give the couple a hint of when you knew they were meant to be and a compliment on their relationship. You can then finish with a piece of marriage advice, which could also be in the form of a quote, and finally, wish them well on their wedding day.


A wedding is a way of celebrating a couple’s union and commitment to each other. Congratulating the couple is a common component of a wedding card. Here are some examples of how to go about it:

Congratulations are in order as you start your new life together.

• We offer you warm congratulations on your big day.

• We are happy to congratulate you as you take this new step in life. It may be hard, but certainly fulfilling.

• You guys are great together. Congratulations.

• ords cannot express how happy we are for you. Congratulations.

• Our prayers and blessings on your wedding and marriage. We wish you all the best.


Be grateful for the invitation

It is quite special that this couple wants you to join them for their wedding - a very important day in their life. You ought to be grateful for the invitation. You could send a thank you message alone or combine it with a congratulations message.

I must say it means so much to be part of your big day. Congratulations!

• Thank you for inviting me to your wedding.

• You have invited me to witness your union and the beginning of your life together. I really appreciate it.

• I am honored to witness your vows and be part of a beautiful beginning.

• I am happy to be part of your wedding. Thank you for including me.


Welcome to the family

When a member of your family is getting married, you may find it important to welcome the new spouse. It could be your child, sibling, mother, or cousin getting married.

• I am so glad to have you as part of our family.

• Hurray! There is a new member in the family. Welcome, (Name)

• [Name], welcome to our crazy family.

• Today we welcome a new member to our family with open arms. We are so happy for you both.

• Today you officially become part of our family.


Compliments on the couple’s relationship

The journey from meeting until marriage may not have been easy. You may want to compliment the couple for holding on until the big day.

• Congratulations for coming this far.

• This journey may have been long, but you finally made it.

• You stood by each other, and here you are - you are getting married!

• Since the first time I saw you together, I knew you were meant for each other.

• Your union is a blessing, may it be stronger as the days go by.


Wedding quotes

Including a wedding quote in your card can be a very good idea, especially when you don't know what to say.


Best Wishes

After putting your message together, you want to sign off appropriately:

• With love

• Congratulations!

• God bless,

• Blessings,

• Lots of love to you both,

Part 3: Message examples

Wedding wishes to a parent

• You two were meant for each other. Love you, Mum and Dad.

• It’s my turn to advise you now. Remember to put God first always in your endeavours.

• You are the best parents in the world. I wish you all the joy in the world.

• Witnessing the two of you making promises is very inspiring. May your life be filled with joy and happiness!

• Thank you for loving us and for being great parents. Congratulations on your wedding day.Congratulations on your wedding day.

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Wedding wishes to a sibling

• Just the other day we were moving from shop to shop lookingfor the perfect wedding gown. The day is finally here. Enjoy your wedding day, sis!

• ou are a great sister, a true friend; May you achieve all you ever wished for in your marriage.

• May your wedding day be filled with love, joy, celebration,and lots of cake!

•  I cannot help smiling when I think about you two gettingmarried. I am happy to have a new sister/brother.

• Best wishes to the best brother/sister in the world and his/her partner. May your marriage be filled with joy and love.

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Wedding wishes to a son

• Son, I am happy that you found someone with whom to spend the rest of your life. I wish you the very best.

•  I pray for God’s guidance as you start this journey of marriage with your wife.

•  Today you become husband and wife, may you live happily ever after

• True love, patience, and laughter are three key ingredientsto a successful marriage. Congratulations!

 • We are blessed to have a new member in the family.May your love light your way in marriage.

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Wedding wishes to a daughter

 • On this day, you will be joined in holy matrimony with the the man of your dreams. I pray for God’s blessings in yourmarriage.

 • Your dreams about this day have finally come true, my princess. May you live a happy married life.

 • I am very happy that two families will be joined together through your marriage. Enjoy your love forever and that from both families.

 • A great marriage is when the imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. Happy married life, my girl.

 •  Love is patient - love is kind. May these words guide your marriage.

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Wedding wishes to a friend

 •   I could not wait for this day - it’s finally here, so let’s celebrate!

 •   I have no doubt that life brings the best people together.You two are a perfect match.

 •  For better, for worse; you are in this together. You betterstart having fun!

 •   I wish you a future filled with love and good fortune.

 •  You have always been a great friend. I wish you and yourspouse a happy marriage.

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Wedding wishes to a coworker

 • From this day forward, may your joy grow and love deepen. Here’s to a blissful life ahead.

 • You look amazing together. May you achieve all your goals and dreams together. All the best.

 •  Marriage is not a walk in the park. It’s filled with ups and downs. I pray you have more ups than downs and have the strength to endure the downs. I’m so happy for you.

 •  I wish you both a happy and prosperous marriage.Congratulations on taking the big step.

 • You’re giving hope to all the single people in the office. All the best to you and your spouse. Congratulations.

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Wedding wishes to a classmate

 • his calls for congratulations! I always knew you were meant for each other (If you know them both personally)

 • You both make this ‘marriage’ thing seem worthwhile (Kidding). I’m so happy for you.

 • May the love that brought you together bloom into a rich red rose. I celebrate you both on your wedding day.

 •  May every day of your marriage be filled with good health, good luck, joy and lots of love.

 • May your marriage be the best example to us all. I wish you a happy wedding, my dear friends, and a prosperous marriage.

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Religious wedding wishes

 • Forgive each other just as God has forgiven you. Do this,and you’ll hold the humility that it takes to love eachother with grace.

 • May you be a blessing to each other. I pray that God guides and protects your marriage.

 • We are all sinners, but God still loves us. Keep this in mind in your marriage to help you love each other unconditionally.

 • Congratulations. God saw it fit that you should be together. Pray and cherish each other always.

 • As you join together in marriage, I pray that you will love nd cherish one another forever.

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Formal wedding wishes

 • I’m honored to be among those wishing you a beautiful start to your marriage.

 • May this be the first step to a wonderful life together.

 • May your lives be filled with boundless joy in the years ahead.

 • May joy and happiness fill your hearts as you begin a new chapter of your life.

 • On this special day, I wish you happiness that will be here to stay.

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Casual wedding wishes

 • I wish you happiness and lots of love.

 • Hugs and kisses.

 • Happy wedlock.

 • May this be the beginning of a beautiful thing.

 • Wishing you a great ceremony with lots of wonderful memories. 

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Funny wedding wishes

 • Marriage is like a job. It helps if you like your boss.

 • The best decision you can make is to marry a man of your age. Your beauty will fade at the same rate as his eyesight.

 • Congratulations on getting the one person you will annoy for the rest of your life. 

 • To the groom – The secret to never forgetting your anniversary is forgetting it – once. 

 •  Please learn how to say yes when you really mean no. It could save your life. Congratulations. 

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Part 4: When you can’t make it

If you are unable to attend the wedding for some reason, you might be wondering what to write in a wedding card. It is still possible to make the couple feel your presence in absentia. Let them know you are together in spirit.

• Thinking of you both on your wedding day.

• I lift my glass with yours from afar as you celebrate a new beginning.

• I wish I was there with you on your big day. We are together in spirit.

• This is to a lovely marriage, even though I cannot attend your wedding.

• So sorry I could not be there to witness this beautiful day. I wish you all the best in life.

Part 5: Tips

What to write in a wedding card and how to go about it is not obvious. Here are some tips on how to go about it:

• Ensure you name is clear so that the couple does not have to guess who sent the card.

• Give sincere sentiments. If you are unsure of what to write, get a card with a pre-printed message and keep your note short and clear.

• Greet both the bride and the groom, even if you only know one of them. After all, the wedding is for both of them.

• Use a non-smearing pen to avoid smudging once the card is closed.

• Your handwriting should be legible so that they get your message without struggling to read what you wrote.