What Wedding Dress Is Right for me?


You need to ask yourself “What wedding dress is right for me?” at the start of your bridal preparation so that you will get your dream dress ready and going from the start. The shape of your body is a very important factor, as you will want to highlight your assets and hide your flaws. The best way to do this is to determine your shape and consider the details and fabrics that will help you decide just which dress is the best for you.

What Wedding Dress Is Right for me?

If You’re Petite:

Don’t be afraid of long flowing gowns. What you have to watch out for is volume that could overpower your body. Just remember to avoid the styles which will swallow your small frame, like poofy skirts and sleeves stuffed with layers of tulle. Keep vertical length in mind. Look for vertical details like panels running from top to bottom, or even a deep neckline. Heels are a must, of course, so prepare for a nice, sweeping gown that will hide those four-inchers. Make your small frame work for you by having a structured bustier fit show off your slim assets.

If You’re Tall:

Long and lean bodies are the runway look, so you might think you have the pick of the litter. However, to add your own special flavor, especially hints of curves into your look, you will need to be a bit more critical. Body hugging fabrics and enhancing undergarments work together for a curvier body. Additional details like peplum skirts and knee high slits are welcome attention grabbers for your assets. Be aware that you have the liberty of choosing unique and voluminous styles that others cannot pull off. They really set you apart from the crowd.

If You’re Busty:

However you feel about the blessings bestowed upon you, there are ways to conceal or to enhance them. If you feel like going the conservative route, a simple square neckline is a classic and elegant choice. If you’re proud of the girls, choose a V neck or sweetheart, balanced with straps and volume below. The main concern should be getting the right structure and paneling within the dress to ensure a good fit that can handle your bust. Don’t shy away from strapless if you are afraid of mishaps, just choose a great structured fit and keep the back balanced.

If You’re Plus Sized:

Our curvy girls probably ask this question very often: what wedding dress is right for me? Embrace your voluptuous curves and show them off – don’t hide them. Tailor your dress fit to your curves. If you wish to draw less attention to the bulges of your frame, choose interesting patterns, pleating, embroidery, and other details. A trailing train is a beautiful way to keep eyes on the bride, yet have some engaging mystery and drama. Sleeves are a good option as they give a slight cover up that remains comfortable and elegant. Choose lace for a conservative yet sexy appeal. Emphasize your waist using belt details, drawing attention to the curves.

If You’re Flat Chested:

If you’re lacking up top, enhance cleavage with a deep sweetheart neckline or a plunging neckline. Dress around the skin in this area with great details like lace or embroidery. Another option is a balcony cut or demicut that is sexy but very secure.

If You’re Pear Shaped:

Hips don’t lie, and you definitely have the option to highlight the waist and add drama to your bridal look. A-line skirts with pretty waist accents can help you bring attention to your beautiful frame. To make your look more streamlined, avoid overly distracting details and choose a nice line of solid white fabrication for your dream. This wedding dress is right for you.

If You’re Apple Shaped:

An apple shaped body calls for titillating details that give proper waist definition. Options to consider are corsets and cummerbund-style belts. These dresses are amazing for the body, and are completely unique. Broad shoulders and torsos can be tapered this way. A top-heavy woman should show off her toned arms and beautiful shoulders, so a strapless gown or structured straps are really the way to go. The bottom should flare out in a beautiful full skirt to balance your proportions.


  • Comfort Is Key! You are going to wear the dress for an entire twenty four hours, partly in preparation, partly in the ceremony, and partly in the reception. Those are very grueling hours, not to mention the emotional threshold during each activity.

  • Careful with the Colors. Choosing a white bridal gown is standard and traditional, although of course you can take liberty with the colors more often these days. When you choose white, however, it’s a whole new world of neutrals, off-whites, creams and so on to choose from. You need to aware of the colors you will choose. What’s even more difficult to prepare against in clashing whites – a very awkward combination that you will have to watch out for!

  • Reflect Your Personality. Even if we look at hundreds of bridal couture magazines, we will never really know which one is for us unless we evaluate our own personal styles. Don’t listen to trends and supposedly fashion-forward friends – listen t your heart really find out the answer to “What wedding dress is right for me?”