When Did Bill Clinton Get Married?


On October 11, Bill and Hillary Clinton celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Even after the public allegations of infidelity in the 1990's when the former president's admitted to an affair with Monica Lewinsky, an intern at the White House, the pair remained together. Since then the couples have dedicated their time and efforts to the Clinton Global Foundation, Hillary's political career and recently became grandparents. In this article, we will uncover the ups and downs of their 40 years together from when did Bill Clinton get married to when they welcomed the newest addition to their family.

Love Story of Bill and Hillary Clinton

When did Hillary and Bill first meet?

Hillary Rodham then and Bill Clinton first met in the library. After a number of glances back and forth, it was Hillary who got up to make the first move. She introduced herself to Bill, who has admitted to not even recalling his name at the time. It was from this moment the romance between the two began.

How did Bill propose?

Bill first proposed to Hillary right after she had graduated from law school. The two took a trip to Europe and while they stood on the shores of Lake Emmerdale, Bill asked Hillary to marry him. Hillary's response to the first proposal and to many others that followed was no. While she cared deeply for him, she wanted to get her future and life in better alignment.

When did Hillary finally say yes?

Hillary took some time to visit friends and family after she graduated, since a solid career path had yet to be decided on. On one trip, Bill was driving her to the airport and they passed a quaint red brick house for sale. Not thinking much of it, Hillary mentioned she liked it. When Bill picked her back up from the airport on her return, he told her he bought the house! And she finally said yes.

Bill and Hillary's Wedding

When did Bill Clinton get married to Hillary? On October 11, 1975, in Fayetteville Arkansas right in the living room of their new red brick home. Only about 15 of their closest friends and family were present for the ceremony. The reception took place in their backyard where hundreds of their friends celebrated with them. Dorothy Rodham, Hillary's mother, was to thank for the newlywed's honeymoon to Acapulco, Mexico.

The highlights of their marriage

For a majority of their marriage, Hillary had committed a lot of time helping Bill with his political career and it was a favor that he promised to return. The couple have had countless interviews where Bill has gotten emotional over describing just how important Hillary is to him. They both agreed to have had a good life even through the most troubling times that would have devastated most other couples.

The difficult time of marriage

After knowing "when did Bill Clinton get married", another thing everyone wants to know more is about the great scandal that Bill was caught up in when he openly admitted to having an affair with Miss Monica Lewinsky. When he gave a speech addressing the nation, he included how he deeply regrets that he misled his wife. While the whole ordeal gained a significant amount of press and negative talk, after the speech, Bill apparently redeemed himself with the nation and his wife.

When did they have their children?

Five years after Bill and Hillary got married, they welcomed daughter Chelsea Victoria Clinton to the world on February 27, 1980. She is the only child of the former president and current 2016 presidential candidate. From 2011-2014, Chelsea was a special correspondent for NBC news and now works with the Clinton foundation as well as the Clinton Global Initiative. She holds a set on both boards and since 2011, she has had a prominent role in regards to both foundations.

The Clinton's granddaughter

Chelsea Clinton married Marc Mezvinsky in 2010. The couple had their ceremony at Astor Courts and many friends and family members were present to watch the two exchange vows. Bill and Hillary were overjoyed at the ceremony and happily welcomed Marc into their family. It was the perfect day for a wedding and it was said to have been a beautiful affair. Bill and Hillary gave special thanks to the people of Rhinebeck for being so cutesy and for all the well wishes they received on that day.

After knowing the answer to when did Bill Clinton get married and become a parent, what about when did they become grandparents? Well, Chelsea and Marc welcomed their daughter Charlotte in 2014, making the former president one happy grandparent.