When Do You Renew Your Vows?


Divorce rates are on the rise and considered to be the norm in today’s society, and it is rare that couples will make to their 5, 10 or 50-year anniversary, so if you and your spouse have managed to make it work through the most difficult times of your marriage, you may consider celebrating this uncommon accomplishment by renewing your vows. Then when to do it? 

When Do You Renew Your Vows?

There are no set guidelines for when you can renew your vows, but most couples will often wait until a significant anniversary. You can wait until the 5-year anniversary, 10 or even 30-year anniversary or you can do it the next month or following year if choose. However, be cautious about renewing your vows too often or too soon, unless you eloped and want to have a more public ceremony.

Most couples tend to reserve the renewal for a significant milestone or occasion, though, there are a number of other reasons you may have for renewing your vows, which can include:

  • Financially Stable: Having more financial flexibility to throw the actual wedding of your dreams can be a significant reason for renewing your vows. Maybe your first wedding included a hand me down dress, grocery store cake or was simply held at the courthouse, having more financial stability can present a great opportunity to renew your vows and to do it with all the additional details you have dreamt but couldn’t afford the first time around.

  • To Celebrate Your Ever-Growing Love: When do you renew your vows can simply be when you want to acknowledge the love you feel towards your spouse. It is rare to find someone that you continuously fall in love with more every day. The couples that have found this often want to celebrate the fact that they have had such a happy and successful marriage that allows them to love deeper with each passing year.

  • After the Marriage Has Been Tested: A major health issue, financial crisis, or any other incredibly difficult situations that have put the marriage through a great deal of stress deserve to be celebrated. A vow renewal can be a great way to not only put the difficult times behind you, but also can signify a new beginning for you two.

  • To Include More People: There are a number of people who may not have been able to attend the first wedding or who simply were not a part of your lives for the first ceremony that you’d like to share in this special occasion. Renewing your vows grants you the opportunity to include all new family members and friends like children, or neighbors.

You and your spouse can decide when do you renew your vows that can strengthen your connection and celebrate the success of your marriage whenever, and however you decide to do so.

Other’s Experience with Vow Renewals

We were incredibly young when we first got married so of course, we did not have a huge and elaborate wedding like we would have hoped. We decided to renew our vows after college when we both had secure jobs and could afford all the more luxurious details we missed out on with the first wedding.

Our first wedding was an extravagant affair and was everything we had dreamed of, but after we had been married for five years we realized we wanted some more intimate. We decided to renew our vows and kept it small and romantic.

We didn’t start asking ourselves “when do you renew your vows” until our children were going to be heading to college. We never even really considered it before, but with the kids grown, it seemed fitting to renew them as it marked a new chapter in our marriage. It was almost as if we were starting our married life as a new couple all over again.

We didn’t have an actual wedding; we just spontaneously went to the courthouse one day. After surviving the first year together, we decided we wanted something a little more formal so we decided to renew our vows after only 2 years of being married to celebrate with our friends and family.

Marriage isn’t easy, my husband and I were talking about divorce. We, like many couples, lost our spark. With kids, career changes and a range of other curveballs thrown at us, we simply were neglecting each other. We were committed to trying everything we could to make the marriage work and were able to rekindle our forgotten spark. After this trying time in our marriage, a vow renewal just seemed appropriate to signify our new commitment and new found love for one another.