When Should I Buy a Wedding Dress?


Most young girls have dreamt their wedding dress thousand times but when the time has finally arrived, your wedding is soon approaching and you have to choose a picture-perfect dress to promenade your way to marriage in, you may find a little panic about details. Let us help you in your journey.

When Should I Buy a Wedding Dress?

It is never too soon, after all even if you choose one off the rack- alterations must be done which takes numerous fittings. Nine months is the recommended minimum to begin the search for the perfect gown. Shipping can take at least four months and alterations can take up to eight weeks or more, so don't delay. Procrastination can cost you additional fees for a rush order and hast reduces the quality of alterations as well. This is the most important dress you will ever buy, so take your time and start shopping at your earliest convenience.

Where Should I Begin With?

The dress you pictured when you were younger probably won't be the same style you would choose now. Search through every source you can find with pictures to determine your current favorite. Scroll online wedding sites, magazines and google the most beautiful wedding dresses. Don't just consider how pretty the dress is either. Part of looking your best is related with the silhouette that compliments your size and shapes most. The shoulders, the neckline, the length all make up a major part of a wonderful wedding dress. So the most accurate way is to create a small album of photos to take on your shopping trip. This will help the salesperson locate the dress styles you most like. Besides, have someone accompany you when shopping to get the most objective opinion.

At the same time, besides knowing "when should I buy a wedding dress", setting a realistic budget is also important thing you need to make sure in advance. The cost of the wedding dress does not include shipping and handling or alterations. You have accessories to purchase too, like shoes, garter belts, and beautiful undergarments. So allow about 15 percent of that budget for accouterments.

Then remember to make an appointment with the wedding salon as early in a day as possible. This can be a long process and you don't want to make such an important decision when you are tired.

Any Tips for Buying a Wedding Dress?

After knowing "when should I buy a wedding dress?" here some suggestions on buying wedding dress will help you through the process!

Best time to go shopping

Get the earliest appointment available and if possible, go on a weekday, not the weekend. You will receive extra attention, and the salesperson will be more energized. You should also call ahead for an appointment: Many salons require this before you can try on any dresses.

Consider salon suggestions

Keep an open mind, they are the objective experts and you may be surprised how different a dress looks once you try it on. These salespeople can often spot the perfect silhouette. If you decide it's not the one, just say "no, thank you."

Buy what fits you now

You may intend to lose a little weight before your magical day arrives; however, it is much easier to take a large dress in than to try and alter one that is too small. Never never never gain weight, which could be a problem.

Read your contract carefully

Bring a list of all the things that must be included in your contract. You need the designer's name, style number, a specified size with the measurements included, etc. Additionally, the total price of the gown including alterations, the date of delivery, the number of fittings and the deposit required. Keep in mind, this is a two-way contract and you must do your part, don't delay fittings and complain later that the shop is running behind schedule.

Bring your accessories

Matching the colors and styles would be impossible without the accessories there. The height of your shoes is a huge factor in how your dress shows and you can see how the entire look comes together.

Trusts your instincts

It is your one and only wedding dress. While others may love the way a certain dress looks, trust your gut feelings. If you are not sure, you can gracefully escape the decision by saying you will decide later.

Limit guests

While it may be more fun to bring all your bridesmaids, it also brings more confusing. Strong personalities and opinions can blur your ideas, making you end up wearing a dress they love but you don't. Choose one or two companions that want you to be happy truly.

Size doesn't matter

Off the rack sizes have no identity in the world of wedding dresses. Every designer seems to have their own chart and a size 8 may actually be a 12 in the real world. Alternations are always needed. So when should I buy a wedding dress? As soon as possible so that you have enough time to get the perfect one!