Ettiquette on When to Hold Housewarming Parties


Congratulations! You just got married and are starting a life with your spouse in the home you just purchased. Being a new homeowner can be a very exciting time for newlyweds. So it's been awhile since the wedding, and you want to show off your new home! But wait, you may have some questions on how to go about throwing your first housewarming party. Then keep reading since we've compiled and answered some commonly asked questions about throwing the event!

Common Etiquette When Throwing a Housewarming Party

When Is the Best Time to Host the Party?

The big question is when to have a housewarming party. Well, there's really no wrong answer. On one hand, many people just hold the party after everything unpacked and beautiful decorated. If you're one of those people that would prefer their house be in tip top shape before having people over, wait until everything done. On the other hand, many people are having housewarming parties right away. It takes away the stress of having to decorate and show off the house itself and the furniture. Plus, if you're worried about things getting broken or ruined during the party, it's not a problem if everything is just in a box!

What Food Should I Serve?

Any time you throw a party, obviously you want to have food available, but don't worry about making it too fancy. After all, you did just have a wedding. The best and easiest options are hors d'oeuvres. Finger foods are easy to eat while mingling, and don't require having a seat. Plus, guests will feel more comfortable moving around and looking around the house. If your have a great backyard, take advantage of it! If you have a grill, don't hesitate to use it. Everyone loves a barbecue!

Who Should Be Invited?

After thinking about when to have a housewarming party, the next question is who should you invite. Really whoever you want! You don't have to invite everyone, but think of this as a fresh start. Don't just invite friends and family, but think about extending the experience to your new neighbors. If you had a great relationship with your realtor, even think about inviting him or her.

Should I Send Invitations?

Invitations are always a great idea to give you the chance of sending a fun card or message to your friends and family. It's also a great opportunity to meet the new neighbors. In our busy lifestyles, many people may not even notice when new neighbors move in. So go introduce yourself to your neighbors and bring along an invitation. It's polite and starts your neighborly relationship on the right path. Or maybe your neighbor just get to you first and come by for introductions. If you have an invitation on hand, it's a great opportunity to give it to your new neighbor. If you don't have invitations made up yet, a verbal invitation is still a great way to include them. When you've figured out when to hold housewarming parties, start thinking about a date right away to make for less awkward encounters.

Should I Register for Gifts?

There's no right or wrong answer here, but you do have to be careful. You don't want your guests to feel obligated to buy you a gift. If guests ask what you'd like, you can tell them where you're registered. However, the BIG no-no is putting your gift registry on your invitations. Many couples will have just had a wedding where guests were expected to give a gift. This is a much more casual event and it's about opening your new home to friends. It's not about the gifts.

For Guests: Should I Bring a Gift?

You should expect to bring gifts. The hosts won't always expect you to bring something but you should probably bring one anyway. It definitely doesn't have to be anything big. Many people are just happy with a bottle of wine. 

For Guests: What Are Some Great Gift Ideas?

While the hosts are thinking about when to have a housewarming party and everything that goes along with it, as soon as you receive the invitation, you will begin to think about what can be prepared for the couple. Here are some great gift options:

  • Gift cards. You don't have to worry about buying something the hosts won't use. The other great thing is the wide range of options when it comes to gift cards. You can buy gift cards for home improvement stores, so the hosts can spruce up their new homes. Another option is home décor shops like Bed Bath and Beyond. And finally, you could get a gift card to the couple's favorite restaurant: Let them enjoy a night out and forget about the stress of putting together their home. It'll be a great treat.

  • Plants are always a great option. Liven up your hosts' new home with a flower or plant! They may not need more “stuff” for their home, so a plant is a great gesture.

  • Wine, as mentioned above, is always an amazing gift! Pick the couples' favorite bottle of red, white or champagne. If they're beer drinkers, pick them up their favorite six pack to enjoy. While you don't have to spring for anything overly expensive, try not to buy the cheapest bottle on the shelf. Pick something you know the hosts will really enjoy.

  • Coffee table books are also a really great option. Pick fun books that go along with the couples' interests. If the hosts just moved to a new area, pick a book about the location they just moved to. They can read up on fun places to check out!

  • Household items that are monogrammed are also a great options with a great personalized touch. Get glasses, placemats, a fun welcome mat or anything else that could go in the home. The items can also be themed to the location where the couple lives. If you get a dish or serving bowl of some sort, make some sort of food item for the party to serve in it. The hosts can just keep the bowl after the party!