When to Register for Wedding


Getting yourselves registered for wedding presents is one of the first things to do after the engagement is announced. It's a tradition that may make new couples feel a little puzzled, but it's an important part of the wedding process. Finding the perfect gift for a couple is hard, so take the pain out of the process for your guests. Remember that it's not so much about getting all of the things you want for your wedding, but make the gift giving process easy for your guests easier.

When to Register for Wedding

You should register for your wedding as soon as possible. It should be one of the very first things you do as a couple to prepare for the wedding. The reason you should register as soon as possible even though the invitations haven't gone out yet is because you want all of your guests to have access to the list, so they are able to get you a proper gift. After you've made the list, if there are items you want to add on, you are certainly able to make changes to the list. It's not set in stone.

9 Important Tips for Wedding Registry

While it's very important to register early, there are a few other things you should know about registering for your wedding, before you go nuts in bed, bath, and beyond.

Make It a Couple's Trip

It almost goes without saying that you should register together. This is essential for getting the right things on the list. You will better figure out what you already have at home with both of you there and you'll ensure that you both get the things that you really want. Make it fair by alternating who gets to choose an item or splitting the task up by department if your interests vary.

Get What You Want

This is really important after knowing when to register for wedding. You don't have to just register for all the things you think you need or that people traditionally buy. You can register just about anywhere you want. So register for that GoPro if that's what you really want. HERE are recommended items. 

Keep Your Lifestyle in Mind

Try not to put things on your list that you're never going to use. If you don't really entertain that often, don't scan that giant platter. Chances are you won't use it and you don't want people to waste money on something you'll never use.

Know Store's Policies

When you register for your wedding, make sure to ask about the store's return and exchange policy. Most stores with registries have excellent policies to accommodate happy couples. But just in case there are some restrictions, knowing the store policy when you register will help cut down on hassle later on.

Aim for a Price Range

After knowing when to register for wedding and what to register, make sure to hit a range of price points. You want all of your guests to be able to get you something off the list. Aim for some items under $50, some under $75, some under $100, and some under $200. In that way, everyone on the list is able to get you something, while people who can afford more don't have to pile smaller gifts together.

Think About Your Guests

It's best to have at least one of you registries be available online. Have many methods for guests to access the list as possible. Make sure you take into account your guests' busy lives when registering, so that everyone is able to access your registry in the way that works best for them.

Think Gift Cards

You may love to receive cash instead of gifts, but asking for cash isn't really proper etiquette. Then why not try gift cards? Most stores offer this as an option which lets you buy the things you want or maybe even need later on. Another way to let others know about your intention is to ask your close family members or friends to spread your idea.

Keep It Updated

As your guests begin to get you gifts, the registry will start to slim down. Make sure to keep it updated and full of items for you guests to choose from. You should always have around twice as many gifts listed as you have guests attending. This is why when to register for wedding is important as you want to be able to keep the list as full as possible for every guest.

Send Thank You Cards

This is a polite etiquette you need to follow. If you receive the gifts before wedding, send the Thank You cards within two weeks before they arrive for your wedding. If receiving it after the wedding day, send the cards within a month after your honeymoon. Make sure you mention the gift by name in the note.