When to Send Wedding Invitations


Most commonly, a wedding invitation is treated as an ordinary piece of paper that would ultimately end in the trash bin. An invitation is actually the blueprint to what the guests are going to experience. It’s the first impression that is going to set the tone of the whole event. Knowing when to send wedding invitations is also quite significant. It should be a time that would allow the guests to prepare well for the event.

When to Send Wedding Invitations

Traditionally, a wedding invitation is sent about six to eight weeks before the ringing of the bells. This offers sufficient time to the guests to plan their schedule accordingly. Especially, out-of-town guests would get enough time to plan their trip and hunt for the tickets.

For destination wedding, as etiquettes suggest, guests should be given more time. As traveling to a far off destination requires proper setting of the budget. So the best option is to send in the invitations at least three months before the big day.

  • Save-the-date Cards

The right time for that should be four to six month before the marriage. It would be appropriate to send it even earlier if it’s a destination wedding. Some couples think save-the-date cards are not necessary and opt for word-of-mouth to let people know the wedding date. 

  • RSVP Cards

Setting RSVP date is yet another task to be done before wedding. It would let you have an accurate idea of the head counts for caterers and seating charts. RSVP date should be set before two to three weeks of wedding date.

Wedding Invitation Dos

After knowing when to send wedding invitations, you should also know the proper way to do it.

Make it Simple

A wedding invitation should be as simple as possible. Mainly a wedding invitation should have:

  • Couple’s name

  • Host’s name

  • Place and time

HERE is a useful guide on wedding invitation wording.

Be Well-Detailed

Do not forget to include other significant information like street name, number, etc. in an explicit manner. Above all, using abbreviated words would not be a good idea for all the above mentioned info. Abbreviations should be used only for Mr. and Mrs.

Use Appropriate Titles

Make appropriate use of titles for writing the recipients’ names on the wedding invitations. If the couple you are inviting are doctors, write their names in the manner; ‘Drs. Elizabeth and Edward Steve’. For a wife doctor, ‘Doctor Elizabeth and Mr. Phillip,’ is advisable. For a husband doctor, ‘Dr. and Mrs. Elizabeth’ is the right manner. A single woman should be addressed as Ms. and one under 21 as ‘Miss’.

Wedding Invitation Dont's

When to send wedding invitation, is not the only issue. There are certain things that must never be a part of it.
  • Including any info regarding the wedding registry is against the wedding etiquette. Word of mouth by your parents and attendants, is the best way to convey such messages. Or else you can upload it on your website.

  • Many couples prefer to have a cash gift instead of a traditional gift item. But it cannot be displayed on the wedding invitation. Doing so would make you look quite greedy. But you can surely display it on your wedding website. Giving a cash gift is totally the guests’ choice. 

  • If it’s an adults-only reception, the statement, ‘no children invited’ must never be published on the wedding invitation. Wording like 'adult only reception' would be a better idea.  It would surely hurt a lot of guests. Leaving their kids behind with the baby sitter would seem a very bad idea to many. For facing such situation, it is better to inform the guests with kids, on a phone call. Click HERE to learn how to tactfully do that.

  • Information like ‘alcohol type’, ‘alcohol free’ or ‘wine only’ are not suitable to publish on the wedding invitation. The guest would surely know that all, once they are in your wedding. 

When to Send Other Wedding-Related Invitations and Stationary

There is a lot of other wedding stationary that a couple-to-be is supposed to send from time to time. Here is the comprehensive detailing of when to send wedding invitations.
  • Engagement Party Invitation

As soon as you are engaged, you should announce it to all the closely-related people. If you have chosen to make it public in an engagement party, do not waste time and send invitations. Before that, it's highly recommended to make up a detailed and wise list of engagement party guests. As all the people invited to the engagement party, should also be a part of the wedding later on.

  • Bridal Shower Invitation

Bridal shower invitations should be sent about six to eight weeks before this pre-marital party. It would give enough time to the out-of-town relatives and friends to make necessary preparations.

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Invitation

It is good to inform the whole bridal party at least one month before the event. Using the quick methods like email or direct call is quite acceptable in this case.

  • Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

When to send wedding invitation is not the only task related to wedding stationary. Rehearsal dinner invitations should also be on your hit list. The best time to send rehearsal dinner invitations is about three to six weeks prior  yo the day.

  • Thank You Notes

Thanking your guest for giving the gift, should never be delayed. Send thank you notes to all who have sent wedding presents to you. The time limit for thanking the guests for their timely presence and the wedding gift, should be, within two weeks after getting that gift.