When to Take Engagement Ring Off


Receiving an engagement ring is a truly special thing; you have committed your love to your partner and have received a sparkly piece of jewelry to signify your love and commitment. Whilst you may wish to wear your engagement ring all the time, there are conditions when it would be wise (and OK) to remove it. This article will explain exactly when to take engagement ring off.

8 Situations Where You Need to Take Engagement Ring Off



There are numerous possibilities whereby you may damage your engagement ring whilst cleaning, as it often involves rigorous scrubbing, buffing and scouring, upon various different surfaces, which can cause you to damage your engagement ring. Besides, the products that you may use whilst cleaning can contain chemicals which can discolor your engagement ring, and you can see why it would be wise to place your engagement ring in a safe location whilst cleaning, otherwise you may have to visit a jeweler to repair you damaged ring.



Swimming in your engagement ring, be it in a swimming pool or in the ocean, is an extremely bad idea. Pools contain chlorine, and the oceans contain salt, both of which have an adverse effect on your precious ring – chlorine causing the ring to become discolored, and the salt within the ocean causing damage to the ring and its setting. You may also lose your ring, as your fingers can shrink whilst submerged in water, making it easier to fall-off. For these reasons, instances such as these are perfect examples of when to take engagement ring off.


Beauty and Moisturizing

If you consistently moisturize and/or use hand creams with your engagement ring still on your finger, you may be causing unwanted damage to your ring. This is because the ingredients within products may eventually cause the brightness and shine of your ring to become duller. Makeup, perfume, and hairspray can also have negative effects on your engagement ring. This is why one should always remove their engagement ring before carrying out any beauty or moisturizing on their hands.


Working Out

Working out can cause excess pressure to be placed upon your engagement ring. If pressure is placed upon the same spot consistently on the ring, it can become bent/misshapen. If the stone's setting becomes bent, there is a possibility that the stone may fall out one day. One should also note that lifting weights can scratch/crack your engagement ring, so be sure to remove your ring before carrying out certain sporting activities and working-out.


Gardening and Yard Work

There are numerous reasons as to why you should remove your engagement ring before carrying out yard work or gardening. This kind of work requires much physical exertion, and in most instances, you will also be operating with heavy tools, meaning the possibility of knocking and damaging your engagement ring is high. If you wear gloves, the diamond on your ring can become chipped or loose, and not wearing gloves can cause even more damage to your ring. You may also lose your ring in the dirt, which would cause much distress (especially if you are unable to find it). For these reasons, it would be wise to remember this condition as when to take engagement ring off.


Baking and Cooking

Baking and cooking involves a lot of hands on actions, such as kneading dough, or using your hands to mix and fuse marinated meats, meatloaf, meatballs, burger patties, etc. Whilst one can be careful to ensure that one's ring is not lost in the culinary ingredients, there is still a high possibility of dropping it. The residue from these ingredients can also be hard to clean off from your engagement ring, and it will likely also cause it to lose the natural shine if a film is left on the ring.


Operating Heavy Machinery

Operating heavy machinery, or working in a job which requires manual labor, such as construction work, can cause extreme damage to your engagement ring if you do not remove it beforehand. Not doing so can cause cracks, splits, and looseness, so if you are working in occupations with heavy machinery, ensure to store your engagement ring somewhere safe whilst at work, or before going to work. It is better to spend the work-day without the ring than to wear it (or even show it off) at work, or you will find that your precious and gorgeous new ring has become damaged.



As you most probably know, we are in deep states of unconsciousness whilst sleeping. This is why sleep should be considered a condition of when to take engagement ring off.Not only might you damage it whilst moving around in your sleep, you may also scratch it against your partner, causing them unwanted pain.



Remember that if you are taking your engagement ring off when carting out any of the activities listed above (as you should), be sure to store it safely and properly in a location that you won't forget. You should store the ring in its own box, separate from any other jewelry as direct contact with other items can cause unwanted scratches on those items or on the engagement ring itself.