Where Do You Put Where You Are Registered at on Your Wedding Invitations?


Choosing your wedding dress, agreeing on the best theme and date for the wedding are all a part of wedding planning and can be time consuming. Another task that you must plan for is the wedding registry and how you inform the guests about it. You would obviously not want to make it look like you simply want their gifts, instead, you would want to make sure that they know about your registry as it would make choosing gifts for them easier. So where to put your registry information? Can you include it on your wedding invitation? Keep reading to find answers.

Where Do You Put Where You Are Registered At On Your Wedding Invitations?

It must be noted that it's against tradition and is rude to put the registry information on your wedding invitation. This is because it gives the message that you think getting a gift is as important as wanting the guests to attend your wedding. So, including such information on the invitation is a big no-no. So, what are tactful ways of letting the guests know about your registry so as to make it easier for them to choose gifts?

  • Create a wedding website: Creating a wedding website can enable you to easily give out information about your wedding registry. Wedding websites have become a norm in these modern times and offer an easy way for guests to have access to all the necessary information. With wonderful free online tools available, you can easily create a website and update it with all the information regarding hotels, the venue, the schedule and your wedding registry.

  • Put your website on the invitation: If you are really want to know "where do you put where you are registered at on your wedding invitations", you can do that by putting your wedding website’s link in the invitation. Give subtle hints like writing "you can find all the specific details regarding the wedding on the website" so that people can get the idea that this is where they can get information about the wedding registry. If you feel that most of your guests don’t use the internet, you can then think about putting the details about your registry on the invitation card. However, it’s best if you only give hints that you are registered on the card and then let the guests either ask you or your family members about the registry details.

  • Let your family members and organizers spread: Everyone who is close to you and is helping with the wedding preparations should know about your wedding registry. This is because the guests would often call them in order to get advice on what they should get you as a gift. The information regarding the registry should be passed on to your parents, siblings and the remaining wedding party.

  • Put the information on the shower invitation: Regardless of whether your bridal shower is a traditional one or a co-ed affair, it is the event where the guests are expected to "shower" the bride with gifts. Putting registry information on the invitation for the shower is acceptable because you are not the host and the invitations are not sent on your behalf.

What Not to Put on Your Wedding Invitations Besides Registry Information?

So now you know never asking "where do you put where you are registered at on your wedding invitations", since it should not be included on your invitation. Actually, there are also a couple of other things that you should not put on your wedding invitation. Let's see them and remember to avoid them when planning your wedding invitation.

We are registered at _______. Please add gift receipts.

This is rude and would give the impression that you would simply exchange all the gifts. While you can hope that the guests do include the receipts in case the gift does not match your choice, it would be plainly wrong to put it exclusively on the invitation itself.

We have a preference for cash gifts.

If you won’t put any registry information on the invitation, it’s more likely that people will give you cash gifts as they won’t be sure what you would like as a gift. However, stating it exclusively on the invitation would be offensive as it would give the message that you just want to make money rather than receiving something that can make you remember the sender.

We prefer cash or gift cards from _____ and ____.

A number of guests opt for gift cards, but if you restrict their choices to a couple of stores, that would be really bad idea. You probably prefer a few stores but it won’t harm you if you get surprised by gift cards from different stores.

Putting sheets from your registries

You can get some sheets of registry information from some stores. However, you should only hand the sheets to your maid of honor so that she can put it on the shower invitations. Not include them on your wedding invitation, because it screams that you want your gift bought from this particular store.