Which Diamond Shape Looks Biggest?


As they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and the bigger they are the better the friend! Now, maybe our price range may not always extend far enough to actually buy the biggest ring, but this is where which diamond shape looks biggest comes in. By knowing this you can get more of a shine-to-dollar ratio on your pretty little finger there! Before actually pinning down the big winner, let’s take a look at the different shapes there are to offer.

Which Diamond Shape Looks Biggest?

Marquise Cut

The Marquise cut is similar to the Teardrop, but tapered on both sides instead of just one. It is a slim, elongated shape that potentially looks bigger than the actual karat size it is, however in comparison to all the others, is probably the smallest looking for the same size.

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds are what you’re probably used to seeing worn by royalty in countless movies. It’s not necessarily the most sparkly cut out there, but it hold its own with a uniquely wide surface. The Emerald cut is ordinarily rectangular, giving that elongated look that can make it look much bigger a karat size than it is.

Oval Cut

The oval cut is similar to the Round cut and is considered a brilliant cut as well. It is a lengthy shape, much like the Emerald cut, meaning it is distinguished among diamond shapes as one of the largest looking there is. Oval and Emerald are a good way to go for some extra size!

Heart Cut

A heart has been the universal symbol of love for centuries. Since this ring isn’t quite best perceived in smaller settings, it kind of beats the purpose when looking for which diamond shape looks biggest , if you have to buy a bigger one by default. It IS gorgeous though!

Princess Cut

First of all, who wouldn’t want a ring called a princess cut? This beautiful 58 facet ring could be perceived as bigger than the heart shaped diamond for the same karat size. So far in size this is in the lead.

Cushion Cut

This shape looks like a rounded-off Princess Cut, resembling a (dare I say it?) cushion. Like what you’d carry your Chihuahua on. Probably due to some sort of optical play to our brains, since the cushion cut is rounded and (usually) more rectangular than the princess cut, these look a little bigger than above cuts.

Radiant Cut

By the name alone we can tell the Radiant is cut for maximum flash and sparkle. It is amazingly vibrant and plays with light in a way that would make a high school jock jealous. It is also perceived as quite a bit bigger than even the Cushion Cut which was our leading in size until now.

Asscher Cut

This cut was created in Holland about a century ago. It combines the Emerald’s table like surface, the Radiant’s rounded square shape. Like the Cushion and the Radiant cuts, the Asscher can be rectangular, however its size perception is very similar to the Cushion cut and is therefore not the biggest looking diamond either.

Pear Cut

Also known as teardrop shape, these are basically a shaved oval. A stunning shaved oval though, it’s not like it went Britney on us. Tear Drops can look larger than most diamond cuts even though its shape isn’t as full.

Round Cut

Last we have the most common and popular of all diamond shapes. This is the cheerleader of rings my friends, and is also (drumroll please) the answer to the ultimate question “which diamond shape looks biggest”. That’s right, the Brilliant cut is mathematically proven to be the biggest-looking of the bunch. You can’t trump math.

Ways to Make the Diamond Look Bigger

Now that we know which diamond shape looks biggest, let’s see how we can max out the potential look of our diamond, whatever be its cut.

Smaller Prongs

To accentuate the size of the stone, the use of a setting with slim prongs is a clever way of doing so. This is one of those nifty optical illusions our brains love making something look bigger against something smaller.


Cluster Dimaonds

This is a similar idea to the slim prongs. Cluster smaller diamonds around the main diamond to make the main one more noticeable and look bigger. This could be done as a halo around the diamond in close proximity so it is difficult to discern what’s the original rock and what’s an additive.


Complement with Small Stones

Once again, smaller around big makes it look bigger! Another good ring hack is to compliment your main diamond with smaller stones either next to it or all around the band itself. This will make the diamond pop from the other stones, especially if they contrast in color as well.


Use a White Band

The white from the band will reflect greatly the diamond, making it look bigger. Light and reflectiveness are key with diamonds, meaning the more reflection, the more light, and the more light, the bigger it looks! So stop asking "which diamond shape looks the biggest", just simply go for a white band to make your diamond look bigger.


Mirrors,Mirrors, Mirrors!

As mentioned above, a high amount of reflection equals very good results. Use a mirrored plate in the setting of your diamond to let more light in. This will add invaluable depth to your gem, making it look bigger, grander and flashier!


Cut It Out

The most important and size perception altering aspect a diamond can have is the cut. It must be cut extremely well, as this will factor its brilliance and fire as much as its size. Make sure your best friend is treated proper!