How to Choose between White Sapphire And Diamond


While diamonds are often the most popular choice for those looking for a colorless center stone, there are other options as well. White sapphire is just as durable and can be a more affordable gemstone when compared to diamonds. Here we will let you know how to choose between white sapphire and diamond.

Let's Learn How to Choose between White Sapphire And Diamond



Sapphires are known for their color whereas diamonds are known for their sparkle. White sapphires will give off a milky color because the white is actually the color of the body of the gem whereas white diamonds are primarily colorless and only refract colors it captures the light around it.

Both diamonds and sapphires can be found in a wide range of colors, though. From light pinks and yellows to various shades of blue, most often the only way you can distinguish a diamond from a white sapphire is if they are side by side and if you know the differences. Diamonds will give off hues of yellows, blues and even an entire rainbow of colors but white sapphires will give off practically no light or dark hues.


Light Refraction

Sapphires present a cloudier appearance and have a significant amount less light refraction over diamonds. This is why diamonds are more favored over sapphires. Diamonds will brilliantly capture light and reflect it back in a wide range of shimmers and sparkle and this, in turn, adds to the value of the stone. White sapphires will give off a duller refraction and with little to no color be thrown back except for a few light blue hues in some stones.



When it comes to how to choose between white sapphire and diamond, things can get slightly confusing in terms of wear and tear. Diamonds are over four times harder than sapphires but, that doesn’t mean they still are not prone to chipping. Diamonds are actually more prone to becoming chipped than sapphires especially princess cut diamonds. Thus, while diamonds may give a harder stone, sapphires can be slightly more durable.



Sapphires are far more prone to being scratched whereas diamonds are practically scratch resistant. While sapphires may not chip as easily as diamonds, they are more likely to become damaged from scratches or being abraded as diamonds are not.



The most appealing fact about white sapphires is their price. White sapphires will always cost significantly less than diamonds even if you chose a diamond with less clarity or color grade. Prices for diamond will also jump a considerable amount once you go from a 1.49 ct. to a 1.5 ct.



White sapphires are actually quite rare while its colored varieties are more common and typically come from Australia, Thailand, China, Madagascar and even a few areas of the United States. Sapphires are considered a part of the corundum gems which also includes rubies and padparadscha. Diamonds are most commonly found in a colorless variety, and while they can be found in a range of colors like sapphires, colored diamonds are rarer.



Because sapphires are more prone to scratches than diamonds, they do need extra care. Sapphires will need to be polished more frequently than diamonds to keep up its clean appearance, and this should be professionally done as they will also need to be re-cut. When it comes to white sapphires vs. diamonds in terms of cleaning, diamonds are much easier to clean most often with simple soap, water and a tooth.


Cut Grading

Unlike diamonds, sapphires have no actual cut grading. Sapphires instead are issued a report based on carat, color, shape and if the gem has been treated. The cut of a sapphire does not have the same effect on the brilliance of the color it displays of a diamond. Diamonds, however, have a cut grading which ultimately will affect the crown angles and pavilion angles of the setting to get the best shine. The cut of the diamond will also have an impact on how the light enters and exits the stone which will have an impact on the sparkly and shine.


Final Words

The choice is up to you when it comes to the focal stone of your engagement ring. When it comes to the dilemma about how to choose between white sapphire and diamond, you should know that both will give you a beautiful ring. Sapphires are perfect for those who want a little bit of color in their ring because they can be found in a wide variety of colors and can hold up through everyday wear. But, if you are set on a clear stone that exudes brilliant light, then a diamond is the ideal option for you.