Who Pays for the Bachelor Party?


The bachelor party is the last hurrah for the groom as a single man. Traditionally, it is spent as a night out with the boys. Now parties can go anywhere from a couple of hours to a whole weekend. They’re not restricted to guys only parties anymore either, female guests can be invited to these parties as well. One of the biggest questions when planning the bachelor party is who pays for the bachelor party. Is it the same rule as for bridal showers? Read on to find out the answer to this question.

Who Pays for the Bachelor Party?

A general rule of thumb is that all of the guests who are attending the bachelor party should contribute. Whatever activities the night includes, the groom should pay for nothing.

Unlike the bridal shower, the best man does not traditionally pay for the whole bachelor party. It is, however, his job to plan the party and keep track of everything and everyone. It is his job to make sure everyone contributes to the night. Before the party, he should let the groomsmen know the details like the time, date, location, what will be happening during the party, and of course, the cost. So if the best man lets you know about the cost, be prepared to pay your share. If the party is going to create expenses as the night goes on, wait until the end of the night to find out what your share is so that you pay a fair amount compared to the other groomsmen. If you can’t afford to pay your share, it’s best to tell others the truth and stay away from the party activities. You’ll miss out some fun, but it’s unfair for the other guests to make them pay for you. But you might be a lucky guy that others are footing your bill as well.

Note: A single night out with the boys can run a few hundred bucks. For more extravagant parties that involve travel accommodations which everyone usually pays his own accommodations, the coat can be up to$1000. If you are unable to attend the entire party, make sure you work out with the best man who pays for the bachelor party in a way that is fair to the amount of time you attended. Make sure you have recorded your own actives.

When Should the Groom Pay?

The groom normally pays nothing of his own bachelor party, as we mentioned above. The exception to the rule is when the party takes place away from home. If you guys are traveling to a location for the bachelor party, the groom will normally pay for his own travel and hotel expenses. You should not feel obligated to pay for his travel accommodations. If the groomsmen and/or best man insist on covering his expenses, you are well within your rights to disagree. But if you have a disagreement in this condition while the majority rules in favor of covering the groom's expenses, even though you know well about who pays for the bachelor party, be prepared to the paying at last.