Who Should Be The First to Walk Down Aisle?


A wedding ceremony officially starts when a processional begins. A bride is the most-awaited personality to walk down the aisle. But before the bride, there are many others to come. The question that often leaves many perplexed, who should be the first to walk down aisle? If both bride and groom want their parents to walk down the aisle, who should be the first to walk? People often feel confused and cannot decide the processional order. Let us help you.

Who Should Be The First to Walk Down Aisle? Are There Any Rules for Processional Order?

Actually there are no rules specified for the order of processional. Factors like religious traditions and personal choices determine the order of processional. It’s better to plan the processional order earlier. Sketching out all the details about the processional order gives you a clear and smooth idea about how the things are going to work on the big day.

It’s better to harmonize all these details in the wedding rehearsal. Once applied in the rehearsal, it would be quite easy to manage in the wedding. If you do not feel satisfied with any point in rehearsal, you can bring changes or adjustments of your will.

Traditional Processional Order

Here is the commonly observed wedding processional detail to let you know who should be the first to walk down aisle:

  1. Mother of the bride starts the processional order traditionally. After walking down the aisle, mother takes her seat in the front row of the left side of the aisle. If grandparents are also walking down the aisle, then grandparents should proceed mother of bride. 

  2. Groomsmen may enter either ways: one by one, they take their place on the altar. Or later, in pairs with the bridesmaids.

  3. Next, best man takes his place on the altar, right next to the groom. And in few cases, best man holds the rings for the newlywed couple (or for groom only).

  4. Most of the times, a groom enters and walks down the aisle alone. Some prefer walking down with the parents. (In some cases, groom and best man will be waiting at the altar instead of walking down the aisle.)

  5. An officiant can enter either ways: walking down, being a part of the processional or through the side entrance of the venue.

  6. Bridesmaids may enter one by one or accompanied by the groomsmen, in pairs, arm-in-arm style.

  7. Maid or matron of honor walk down the aisle and take their place on the altar, right next to the bride.

  8. Next come the ring bearer with the ring and flower girl (s) with flower baskets.

  9. Last is the bride. She enters together with her father.

What People Do! Different Variations!

Celia explains in detail her wedding processional order on weddingwire

“Who should be the first to walk down aisle? I chose my eldest son to take my mom down the aisle. He had no other role in the wedding. So he did it joyfully.”  --Groom with children

“My mother walked down the aisle with her parents (my grandparents) first, that was quite cool to see.” --the Bride