Who Walk Groom Down Aisle?


When the blushing bride walks down the aisle, her dream man is already standing there up front. Do you know who walk groom down aisle? Actually, the question has no specific answer. Groom’s partner, as commonly observed, for walking down the aisle varies according to the creed and regions. Many times people feel confused while taking this decision. Let’s make things clear for all.

Groom’s Companion on the Aisle

Though there is no cardinal rule for groom’s way to walk down the aisle, most commonly, an officiant walks in front of the groom (in solo) down the aisle. Following the officiant, the groom takes his place up on the aisle just after the mothers are seated on their respective sides. Sometimes groom and officiant both enter the hall through the side room entrance. As they enter, they take their positions, once the mothers are settled in their seats. So instead of making it an issue, talk it over and decide what seems the best.

His Parent(s) Can Walk with Him

Who walk groom down aisle? Can the answer be ‘his parents’? Yes, why not! It’s quite normal if the groom enters with his mother. All you need to do is to clarify it earlier with the officiant. The groom would enter with his mother and she would leave him right next to his groomsmen, on the altar, and take her seat. Now starts the processional and bride would make a stunning entry with her parents.

People’s Experiences

Let’s take a look at what others have to say about who walk groom down aisle?

“Mine was a church wedding, so the church coordinator guided us about the whole walking thing. The officiant entered first followed by the groom and best man and then other bridal party etc.”

“The other day, I attended the wedding where the groom walked down with both his parents and then bride with her parents. It also looked quite symmetrical.”

“Nowadays, no one follows any specific rule. It could be any of the parents or the officiant who walks him down the aisle, but if it’s a catholic ceremony, the groom would make a late entry, just before the bride, or maybe with the bride.”

Who Walks down the Mother of Groom/Bride?

Traditionally, groom’s mother walks down the aisle with an usher or a groomsman. But for non-traditional ceremony, it could be anyone, her husband, any close relative or even she can walk alone. In case she’s walking with the groom, then it is also OK as discussed above.

Wedding Procession Order Details (Sample)


Closest of family members who are not part of wedding party would go first and take their places. They may include grandparents, parents or other close family members.


Groom comes next. Who walk groom down aisle? It could be his parents or he can walk solo. Or he may already be standing by the altar if he came in from the side.


The wedding party can walk in separately or in pairs. Sometimes groomsmen are already on the altar and bridesmaids join them one by one.


Kids, flower girls or ring bearers make their way through the aisle. Alone or with some adult, it depends on your choice.


Bride enters last with her father or anyone she likes. She can even walk down the aisle alone.