Who Escorts The Bride's Mother Down Wedding Aisle?


No wedding can run smoothly without a fairly-planned choreography of the whole ceremony. Right after the placement of the guests in the pews, starts the processional. Traditionally, a mother is not a part of bridal party. Rather MOB is given a special place of honor in pre-bridal party processional. As the guests are seated, MOB appears (last of all) on the aisle to signify the beginning of the ceremony. The uncertainty that keeps bothering many is, who escorts the bride's mother down wedding aisle?

Who Escorts The Bride's Mother Down Wedding Aisle?

There are no rigid rules for walking down the aisle and you can always perform it your way, if there are not any religious or traditional restrictions in the family. But taking the officiant’s view, before finalizing any order, is highly advisable.

What have been observed in traditional weddings: a mother is escorted down the aisle, to her seat (first pew, left side) by an usher. Or FOB can also escort her to her seat, right before the start of the ceremony. Later he walks down the aisle with bride and joins MOB, sitting next to her.

  • People change the rules according to their wishes. Who walks down the mother of the bride down the aisle? It can be her son preferably. If she does not have a son, it could be any other male relative.

  • Modern brides, these days, prefer to walk down the aisle with both parents on each side of her.

What about Jewish Weddings?

Unlike Christian weddings, in a traditional Jewish wedding, the MOB is a part of the wedding procession. Who escorts the bride's mother down wedding aisle? Traditionally, she walks the bride down the aisle along with the father. She walks on the right side of the bride, father on the left.

What about Step Mother?

If you have a step mom, her position is solely determined by the type of relation you share. If you want to make her a part of pre-bridal processional, usher would escort her to the seat (in the row, behind MOB).

What Others Say?

Let's see what others have to say about their experiences in this regard.

“It was my eldest brother who escorted my mommy, down the aisle to her seat. He did this, as he was not a part of any other activity like groomsmen ,etc.”

“We appointed two of our ushers to escort my mother and grandma, to their respective seats.”

“I wanted both my parents to walk me down the aisle. So I did that. My mom is of a Jewish origin, so I thought it would be best."

“Who escorts the bride's mother down wedding aisle? I was quite unsure about it. But in the end, my mother’s eldest brother escorted her.”

What Should Mother of Bride Wear When Walking Down the Aisle?

  • It's highly recommended that you consult the bride and MOG well, before buying the dress.

  • Black is not the color for a wedding, even if it’s a casual wedding. Nix it, no matter how much you love it.

  • White is also not a color for you, or for any other in the wedding. It’s a color for ‘Bride Only’.

  • Not only the hue but also the style of the MOB dress should be coordinated with MOG’s dress.

HERE is the complete guide on what to wear.