Why Would You Like to Marry?


Marriage is a serious commitment that will take some serious consideration. Whether you have found the one or not, there are a number of conditions you might want to ask yourself that pertain to why would you like to marry. Having the right reasons for getting married can better ensure a life of happiness. Below you’ll find some of the top reasons for why most people take the plunge and tie the knot.

Why Would You Like to Marry?

Always wanted a family or just ready to start a new journey? There are a wide range of answers for why you may be considering marriage and most often you’ll have more than one. Top reason should always be the love between you two. Wish you happy always!

You have found the one

This should obviously be the number one reason to get married! When you have found the person you truly love and they are in a sense your soulmate, then marriage is the ultimate commitment you can make to one another. All the other reasons to get married are just additional bonuses when you have found the love of your life and soulmate.


To have someone by your side

We are programmed to be social creatures and while the single life may have been fun, while it's lasted, eventually you will start to realize how much more enjoyable the good and even the bad days are when you have someone by your side. Married life means you have someone to share all your happy moments with and someone to lean on during the difficult times.


Because it’s a tried and true tradition

Getting married is just one of those traditions that, for most couples, has brought about a more fulfilling life. It follows in moving your relationship to the next level and entering a new stage of your life. Marriage will give you new experiences and opportunities to grow as a person.


Serious relationship status

This can be an especially important reason for why would you like to marry for those who are career driven. It simply sounds better to introduce your significant other to your business associates as your wife than as your girlfriend. It makes you look and sound more professional and trusting.


You want a family

There is an endless list of reasons why being married is ideal, especially if you are considering children or already have children with your significant other. Not only do you provide them with a more supportive home, children of married couples tend to be happier, more outgoing and more goal driven than those from divorced homes, single parents or even step-parent households.


To give your parents satisfaction

While this should not be a major reason for getting married, consider how much more relieved and happy your own parents will be. They are most likely already nagging you about when it will happen, so why not give them the small satisfaction of taking the walk down the aisle?


More meaningful life

When you get married you are no longer just living for yourself, you find a deeper meaning in your everyday activities when you have someone to share it with. You act more responsible, see more possibilities and gain more satisfaction out of your daily routine.


Motivation and support

Along with simply finding more meaning in your life, marriage can be a great motivational factor in pursuing your dreams and goals. With a supportive spouse, you can feel more confident in taking the chance on asking for a raise, starting your own business or any other things you have always wanted to do but never have. Why would you like to marry? Because it means having someone to cheer you on and who genuinely wants to see you pursue your dreams and be successful.


Your single life was great but you’re ready for something more

You had all your fun, meaningless flings, short term relationships and everything in between and you want something with more meaning. You lived your single life and enjoyed it thoroughly, but you don’t want to be single forever and are mature enough to not only put the efforts into a committed relationship but want to do so.


You’ll age more gracefully

Yep, you want to find the fountain of youth? Just say I do! Married men and women tend to retain their youthful looks for years longer than their singles counterparts or cohabitating couples.


Lower stress levels

While married life is not always sunshine and butterflies, a majority of married couples have lower levels of stress hormones than most cohabiting couples or single individuals show. So, marriage really does lead to a happier and less stressed lifestyle.


Longer lifespan

Most married couples have a greater chance of overcoming a number of ailments from cancer to heart attacks. They are more likely to survive a devastating illness, are less likely to have any serious accidents and recover from illnesses more quickly with a supportive and caring partner.


Better communication

Married couples tend to better talk through their arguments or disagreements. It is highly unlikely that you will avoid arguments in any relationship but, married individuals tend to discuss the issues with open communication while many cohabiting couples will turn to a more physical and abusive alternative to solve their problems.


Larger net worth

If finances are a major concern for you, especially if you are hesitant of the many wedding expenses that come with the initial getting married phase, then you’ll want to consider the long-term financial benefits, which can be a good reason to "why would you like to marry". The average married household tends to have a higher net worth and larger incomes.


A more intimately fulfilling relationship

The passion and attraction you have for your partner is a core component to making any relationship last. While having a more fulfilling intimate relationship with your partner should not be the top reason to get married you might want consider that most married couples report to having a more enjoyable and pleasing sex life than unmarried couples.


No matter what your reason to get married, remember always love you first as the video below says.