Sweet, Nostalgic and Emotion-Filled Become My Bridesmaid Poems


You are starting to open your wedding planning journal that holds all your to do lists. While some of the planning involves daunting chores (can we say ‘paperwork’?) and some involves jumping of joy with excitement (wedding cake tasting, anyone?), there’s one particular thing you need to do that strengthens bonds and friendships and makes you teary-eyed: asking your dearest friends to be your bridesmaids. And these days, if you want to do so in style, then there’s a must-have element you simply have to opt for: sweet, nostalgic and emotion-filled become my bridesmaid poems.

Sweet, Nostalgic and Emotion-Filled Become My Bridesmaid Poems

A Touching Message

Many poems dedicated to your friends speak of the bond you have before popping the important question. Have your friends read about just how much they mean to you by offering them a card with these lovely verses:

You're the one who I can turn to, any hour of the day.

Seems, I only have to think of you and you'll be on your way.

No matter where life takes me, no matter where I roam.

When I'm with you my friend, my heart feels right at home.

So on my wedding day, I will need you more than ever.

Please say you'll be my bridesmaid now.... and my friend forever.

A Classic Invitation

This little poem is a classic, standard way to invite your friends to be by your side on your big day. If you’re looking for something on the classy, simple side, this option will suit you best:

It's hard to believe

That just in a little while

I will be walking down the aisle

And nothing would give me

More joy and pride

Than to have you by my side.

Will you be my bridesmaid?

A Special Message for Your Maid of Honor

Become my bridesmaid poems are a hit, that’s for sure, but what about those dedicated to maids of honor? Maids of honor deserve their own special poems and this lovely one right here, that speaks of true friendship is just what you need to put on a card and offer it to you favorite lady:

I've been dreaming of my wedding day

As long as I can remember.

Sometimes it would be held in June,

Other times it would be in September.

Sometimes I'd carry roses,

And other times violets.

Many men have filled the role of groom,

But their names I would always forget.

Just one thing has been constant

As I dreamed of my wedding day.

You were always there beside me

Sharing the joy along the way.

And so I'm asking you, (name),

To take on a special task.

Will you be my maid of honor,

Is what I want to ask.

I can't imagine marrying (groom's name),

Without you standing near.

So please say yes dear (name),

And fill my heart with cheer.

Sweet Verses for Your Future Sister in Law

A personalized way of asking your future sister in law to be one of your bridesmaids is by offering her this poem that speaks of your future bond:

The day that I marry, our families will blend,

you'll be my sister and also my friend.

It's so very special to know you will be,

a part of this day, a bridesmaid for me????

It's just the beginning, of our brand new life,

as your brother and I, become man and wife.

And nothing would give me more joy & pride,

than to have you right there by my side.

Will you be my bridesmaid?

A Less Formal Invitation for Your Best Friend

Become my bridesmaid poems come in different styles and with more or less feelings or inside jokes involved. If you’re looking for something a little less formal yet still sweet and meaningful and aren’t planning on staying away from a little wittiness, then check out these verses:

You are my true bestie,

So sweet, yet feisty!

And as you know, I do love you so.

You're the best person I know!

So I ask you today

By my side to stay,

When I wear my fluffy dress.

I really hope you'll say YES!

Will you be my bridesmaid?