Snow White: 12 Incredibly Beautiful Winter Wedding Dresses


Is there something more beautiful than get marriage in the winter? The white snow is the perfect backdrop for your pictures and it adds a romantic and classic vibe. Of course, the cold is a big enemy when you are choosing your perfect dress, but do not be scared, you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth.  To make things easier for you, we have put together tips and tops picks of winter wedding dresses.

Winter weddings can be incredibly romantics; it has all that sophistication and elegance to it. Winter times can be a great choice for your special day, cause most of the bride look for summer weddings and your wedding can be the main event of the season. We all know that with these types of weddings people are expecting real big and classic gowns and it seems like a very difficult task to find the perfect dress that is warm and gorgeous. But you can embrace the cooler temps and still look amazing, you just have to take a better attention to details like sleeves, accessories and fabrics. If you do that there is no reason why you cannot look beautiful and do not feel cold.

Tips to Pick Up a Winter Wedding Dress

To help you pick up winter wedding dresses, here are some amazing tips that you should pay attention to it.


Sleeves are necessary for a winter wedding dress. You might have always wanted a sweetheart neckline dress with no sleeves, but covering up your arms can be a great thing. It adds sophistication and elegance to the look and keeps the bride warm.


Many and many layers of fabric in that beautiful skirt can be the answer to keep your legs warm, and help to achieve that princess dress silhouette.


Look for heavy fabrics, that is the beauty of a winter wedding. You can choose dresses made with stunning satin and silk fabrics without getting too hot. If you love lace, try Battenberg lace or Chantilly lace.

Accessories and Embellishments

Do you know what blends perfectly with the white snow and winter vibe? Sparkle embellishments! That way your white dress will not be lost in the middle of the snow. Don’t feel like it’s too much, go for pearls, crystals sequins or even fabrics that sparkles and you will stand out. Stylish jackets, faux fur and cashmeres can also look good with the wedding dress!

12 Incredibly Beautiful Winter Wedding Dresses

Now that you know what to look for a winter wedding dress, let’s take a look on some beautiful options.

This is a great example of not being afraid of going too far with embellishments. This BHLDN dress is a Victorian-inspired gown with drama and it has a very romantic look.


Another beautiful gown from BHLDN is this cute and bohemian lace dress. Stunning and with a boho vibe, this dress can be a bold choice. When people expect for an big and elegant dress and you come out in a simple and romantic dress, it will surely give the crowd a surprise.


Long sleeve all lace dress can be the right choice if the temperature is not that cold, but if it is you can always complete the look with a beautiful faux fur. I am sure that boho folk wedding dress from Yolan Cris can be your perfect match.


You can find amazing, warm and delicate winter wedding dresses in Etsy. This silk, satin and lace one is exquisite.


This Morilee wedding dress will be amazing in pictures and you will look elegant and sophisticated.


Another great choice on Etsy is this milk shade wedding dress, it has a very different look and is made of heavy fabrics. It is perfect for a winter wedding.


This french chantilly lace and silk guipure dress from Yolan Cris is amazing. It achieves a very modern and romantic look with this floral texture. It is comfortable and extremely sophisticated.


Lace and tulle is the perfect match, and as a great choice of winter wedding dresses, this full of layers skirt from this Allure Bridals dress can be the responsible for warm legs.


A fabulous choice of gown is this mermaid wedding dress from Allure Bridals. It has a beautiful neckline which is full of details and sheer illusion back, which is sexy and elegant at the same time.


This simple mermaid original dress in crepe and lace appliques does not seem so different until you look at the stunning cape. So stunning I can’t deal with it. You can find that exquisite piece in PRONOIVAS.


Another very fashionable and modern look is this Yolan Cris dress. It is a beautiful and delicate silk and tulle gown, with a stunning long sleeve jacket. It has a very romantic look.


When looking for winter wedding dresses, you can't miss this one. Oh yes, with this Morilee dress, it will look like you just came out from a romantic movie. It is delicate but it has the perfect amount of drama with this tree-quarter illusion sleeves.