Best Winter Wedding Flowers – Top 10 Trends for the Cold Season


Winter weddings are full of magic, with their white sparkles, crispy fresh air and gorgeously decorated venues. If you’re of the same opinion and decided to embrace the cold and go for a winter wedding date, then you’re probably the lookout for the best winter wedding flowers. Should it be classic roses, white-as-snow hydrangeas, equally immaculate poppies or berry overload? The options and trends can get a little intimidating! But don't worry, as we’ve got some seriously cool, some classically elegant and some quirky and fun options for you, your table centerpieces, as well as your bridesmaids.

Best Winter Wedding Flowers – Top 10 Trends for the Cold Season

Top 10. Opt for a Nature-Loaded Mix Featuring Pinecones

Rustic weddings have become a favorite of brides and grooms alike in the past years and just because you are embracing the cold, it doesn’t mean that the rustic style should be out of the picture. This shabby-chic arrangement is loaded with diverse organic elements, such as pivet berries, pinecones and boughs, not to mention to stunning flowers: white peonies, pastel peach roses and tuberoses.

Top 9. Go for Shine with a Silver Extravaganza

Winter and silver go hand in hand, as we all know. From the holiday season decorations to the sparkles of the snow - regardless if you're lucky or not to have it present at your wedding - silver is a perfect choice for winter wedding flowers. This bouquet is a complex mix in neutral hues with silver finishes and it includes flowers like cymbidium orchids, roses and anemones, all juxtaposed to rustic pinecones and finished off with a satin ribbon.

Top 8. Get a Berry Dotted Bouquet

Minty greenery meets pastel peach roses in this stunning bouquet, it is perfect for an ivory or champagne wedding dress on a chilly winter day. Dotted with an abundance of large red berries, this lovely piece will definitely stand out against your gown.

Top 7. Say YES to the Christmas Icon: Mistletoe

Sometimes, the most obvious choices are also the most unexpected ones. Take this example: mistletoe as your winter wedding flowers! Paired with bright reds and sharp whites, this green classic makes a perfect choice for a wedding that's about to take place during Christmas time. Combine celebrations and go all in on this iconic plant!

Top 6. Don’t Forget about Winter Pastels

This bouquet impresses with its high dosages of delicacy and grace, softest and sweetest color palette and eclectic mix vibes. Minty green and pastel pink have never made a more stunning team than in this arrangement made of chrysanthemum, roses, and Queen Anne’s lace.

Top 5. Mix It Up: Eclectic Roses and Pines

You love the classic look of roses, but not sure how to combine them in order to make your winter wedding flowers to look more… well, wintery? No worries, as there’s a simple way to elevate any flower to perfect-for-the-cold-season aesthetics, by simply adding pines. That’s right: mixing textures has never been this easy! While this may seem a little on the quirky side for some, you should definitely embrace this eclectic style.

Top 4. Opt for a High-Contrast Bouquet with Jewel Tones

A wedding bouquet that's as stunning as this creation right here would definitely fit perfectly in any kind of fairytale winter wedding. This color palette is a high-contrast choice that's current and fresh: crisp whites with deep jewel tones in purple and burgundy. And the flowers: a combination of sweet hydrangeas, anemones and ranunculuses, perfectly complemented by tiny viburnum berries.

Top 3. Go Big and Wild

You love the look of wild flowers and exotic, yet effortless-looking bouquets, but not sure how this style would fit with your winter wedding? Well, you can achieve the style you desire by following these simple rules: 1. Go big and 2. Opt for full blooms and jewel tones. A large bouquet gives you that layered textured look that's so in trend when it comes to winter wedding flowers, plus the deep tones of red and purple add a note of wildness to your arrangement.

Top 2. Go for the Trendy Succulents

Succulents are totally trending right now – from being printed on fashionable clothing collections, to serving as decorative items or as part of weddings, they are on a high. And, moreover, they are always in style, regardless of season! Combining succulents is not even that difficult, since they look just as good next to pinecones and pine as they do next to wild summery flowers, or just by their own. Since they are resistant in all temperatures, you can feel free to use them all year long at any event – but this wedding centerpiece right here featuring succulents with pops of berry reds is seriously lovely.

Top 1. Embrace the Blackberry and White Poppies Look

So romantic, so intense and oh-so-inviting: this gorgeous creation features one of the top colors of the cold season: blackberry, as well as one of the very in-demand flowers: white poppies. Full of contrast and mystery, this combination is exotic, yet sophisticated at the same time – perfect as your winter wedding flowers.